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Sydney Rd Festival, Sunday March 4th

If you didn't make it to the Sydney Rd festival here are a few good reasons why you should have:

Tanya, 23 wears:
shoes: thailand
jeans: mavi
jacket: hong kong
bag: hong kong

Tara, 23 wears:
dress: vintage
belt: vintage
shoes: somewhere in albury
earrings: little indian shop
glasses: roc
style inspiration: 'stella mccartney, chloe and prada.'

Hayley, 16 wears:
skirt: opp shop
shoes: opp shop
tshirt: witchery
bag: mum picked it up in indonesia
style inspiration: 'music, the yeah yeah yeahs. red lipsticks my trademark.'

Elena wears
scarf: opp shop
bag: vietnam
tshirt: don't remember
shorts: bardo
shoes: tony bianco
jewellery: 21st present

Girl anon wears:
boots: vintage
scarf: vintage
dress: Table 8
glasses: opp shop
style inspiration: 'rather eclectic, changes with my mood. has to be cheap and accessible.'

Shane & Bex
Shane wears:
shoes: DVS
jeans: zoo york
tshirt: zoo york
jewellery: girlfriend
Bex wears:
shoes: Jordan 5's from Kicks 101
jeans: PSC
tshirt: on sale somewhere
jewellery: basement LA
glasses: marc jacobs
style inspiration: 'comfort.'


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