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Miss Libertines, Saturday 9th June

Jules 21 wears:
'I do film production and I designed this myself as a costume. I'm still trying to work out whether my bag is cow or donkey, I think its donkey. I love the shop Marais but I don't really have a way I'd describe my style.'

Bec 22 wears:
pants: vintage country road
key rings: prada/versace
belt: girl scouts
'I love Zambesi and Anna Sui. I don't think you should follow trends if they don't fit you, being stylish is about being comfortable.'

Annie 28 wears:
dress: gorman
boots: zomp
belt: stolen from a stripper at revolver
ring: tiffany
'I love Gorman and Fluer Wood. I'm a people watcher, my style comes from the street.'

Lee 25 wears:
jacket: opp shop
jeans: nudie
shoes: bronze snake
watch: chanel
shirt: marcs
'I get my inspiration from magazines but its not just one thing that inspires me. My style changes.'



Tania said...

Love the vest the first chick has on!

Brian said...

If you're interested in fashion you'll find an interesting - and growing - collection of fashion galleries at That includes the just-finished Brisbane Fashion Week.