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Book Club

I never know what to wear to book club, you don't want to look too nerdy but there is nothing more tragic than rocking up looking totally over dressed. Having said that I overdress for most things so that wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary.
I digress, here is the outfit.
Shoes are from Zomp, jacked is vintage Christian Dior from eBay, bag is vintage Pierre Cardin from Camberwell Markets, top is Mink Pink from Mossman, jeans from Wrangler.
I have to digress again and tell you about the jeans:
We all find a brand/label of jeans that suits us and flatter us in all the right places. Some are expensive, some are cheap, some are middle of the road. I have a few labels I always go back to, and Wrangler is one of them. These jeans were on a clearance sale in Myer reduced from $189 to $85. I tried them on and they did wonderful things for my derriere, the colour was perfect, cut extremely flattering in all the right places.
They were boot cut, verging on flares(I'm frowning right now).
Not to be put off I decided there and then for $85 of my hard earned cash I could turn them into skinny jeans. And I did. Voila!



Amy Clarke said...

You made me laugh out loud - I've thought the same thing when meeting up with friends from my old work (a bookstore). 'I don't want to look too much like a book geek, but I don't want to be outdressed by anyone else either... darn it!'

Loved your outfit anyway, particularly the jacket!

Miss Zoe said...

great outfit! still casual but with buckets of style. And fab shoes- zomp is my heaven x