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I don't know why but I just can't seem to get out of jeans at the moment. Try as I might I can't help the secure allure of denim for almost any occasion. I'm thinking about imposing a denim ban next week because I'm worried I'm forming a rather lazy habit of just throwing on a pair of jeans. Tomorrow will be a dress I can assure you.
Anyhow, still rather happy with this albeit lazy outfit for a mid week dinner:
Shoes are from Ravel in London, belt from Portobello Road markets, also London, jeans from Valley Girl, silk top is vintage Country Road thrifted from Savers for $7, jacket from H&M. You can't tell but the beads I made myself and are a semi precious stone called white labradorite which looks like a granite or marble stone.
Goodness how could I forget the bag- MNG, leather, picked it up in Barcelona.
I just realised this isn't a very Melbourne outfit, please forgive me.


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Anonymous said...

The jeans are very flattering on you.