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A little birthday affair...

I think this the perfect outfit for one's birthday, strangely re-creating a Madeline feel but that's probably got to do with not wanting to act ones age.

I digress, I wore this to work, on my birthday and whilst doing the usual surfing the net and reading the many blogs I do each day I came across this from Shoes Mend Hearts which was quite timely because her sentiments on work were hilariously true:

Earning money
Earning someone else money
Chance to show off new fashion purchases
Lip gloss application every 30 minutes
Read fashion blogs religiously
Look out for new items on religiously and more...

I think I had the perfect shoe, for the occasion, and for work of course.
Cape from Shivers Boutique in Harndorf, dress from eBay, shoes from Alex & Alex.



A dreamer said...

ohh the pictures are much bigger.
Yay! :D

a fully black outfit with touches of white looks reallly great on you!
i'm so in love with your cape...

shoes mend hearts said...

ohh gorgeous. happy birthday. I love your shoes!! xo

shoes mend hearts

fashionfake said...

Oooh a cape!!
I love capes!
Great outfit, and great blog. Mind if I link you?

Lady Melbourne said...

No at all Fashion Fake, your stuff is cool, nice to see another Melburnian out there.

Mica said...

Happy Belated birthday :)

The outfit looks great! Hope you had a fun day :)