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A peek inside.....

This dear readers, is a peek inside another extremely lady like Melbourne gal's wardrobe,
Miss. Sian Darling.
After her lending me these clothes for various events, I was so intensely curious that I will be doing a profile on her and an interview in the coming weeks.
Old, new, designer, not to mention amazing vintage, I'm sure you will be as impressed as I was upon discovering someone with an eye for true vintage and style.



Auntie Tati said...


...wonderful clothes :)

Mica said...

Beautiful clothes, especially the red dress and the last black dress. Very stylish outfits :)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Beautiful. Such style makes me very happy. In a world of muffin tops and Uggs, I cannot tell you what a beacon you are. :)

Lady Melbourne said...

Why thank you Kawaii Mama, that means so much coming from someone as stylish as you. I had a discussion just the other day about how relevant the blog is as obviously I'm no Linsay Lohan or Nicole Richie and can't do 'boho' to save my life.
Manners and grooming are eternal, I hope thats what people find relevant and interesting.