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eBay: No Joy

You may remember this post from a few weeks back. I have been on a quest to find a new trench coat for some time now, and I really thought I had found it when I discovered this beauty on eBay.
It arrived promptly in brand new, mint condition, and although there is nothing wrong with the trench, it didn't sing to me when I tore it out of the packaging on my way home from the post office.
It's a summer trench, meaning, it's very light weight and thin.
Which renders it pretty much useless in a Melbourne winter.
I am so dissapointed because it is lovely, and I love the military style but it's just not what a girl wants.
Anyhow, I am looking for a new home for it, if you are interested please contact me. If I can't find a home for it then it will end up back where I get most of my wardrobe from- the charity shop.
I do have the dress and tux shirt, and am pleased to report that they are fabulous and will be posting outfits over the weekend.



balcairn said...

What size is it? :)

Anonymous said...

I like the coat! I know it gets cold in Winter, but surely you will find use for it in Spring!?!

SpiegelEule said...

great trench, love the combo with the belt.

Lady Melbourne said...

Balcairn it's roughly a size 8-10. I have all the measurements, detail shots,specs, price etc ready to go, I just didn't want to put it all up for fear of this becomming like an eBay auction!
Just email me if you want the details.

Anon- I probably could wear it in Spring, but Spring is months away which means it will languish in my wardrobe for perhaps another 4 months. It might grown on me you never know!
As it is I've bought a new one now with a lovely warm lining from Gap so I hope I like it better. It arrives Tuesday.

A dreamer said...

oh my god. that is the best effing trench ever.

Imelda Matt said...

Corr...winter in Mebourne is no place for a flimsy trench, no matter how tres chic it it!

Lady Melbourne said...

I know it doesn't look it, but if you hold it up to direct sunlight you can see the seams on the inside of the trench...thats how thin it is!
And no Imelda, it's not warm enough, not even my fur over the top would keep my vitals warm.

Anonymous said...

this is probably a long shot but is the coat still available?? If so, I am very interested!:) I will check back for your response:)