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Fashion Unleashed- Baroq House

I was invited to 'Fashion Unleashed' this Sunday just gone at Baroq House by lingerie designer Shiori Pike.
The purpose of the evening was to raise funds for the charity 'Save a Dog' which is a non for profit organisation that exists to save dogs of good temperament from being killed when their time has expired at dog pounds and animal shelters.
The irony of a fashion show with leggy models to promote a charity for dogs was not lost on me I can assure you, but what did stand out was Shiori's lingerie and one other very talented Australian designer Ashlea Dyson(more on that later).

photos: Woodrow Wilson



A dreamer said...

the models actually have boobs! haha
this is really nice photography by the way.

Imelda Matt said...

I was more interested in how STUNNING you looked! But 'model boobage' isn't really my thang!

Lady Melbourne said...

Model boobage isn't really my thing, but at least they have them- it is a lingerie parade after all!

kater said...

I love lingerie! Haha!

You look so cute in the picture, that second photo is just wonderful, so giddy and grinning (that is you right? I think it is, but I will feel very silly if it's not!) :D

Anonymous said...

Great photos!!
I particularly like the leopard print number... ; ) said...

Hey Beautiful Photography i enjoyed this article