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I was so thrilled and honored when Cheryl Lynn from the wonderful FA'SHOE'NISTA asked if she could use my photo on her blog, but I had no idea that I would be made Shoemaven of the week.
I love shoes and accessories, so to be recognised by someone equally as passionate about fashion and blogging is an honor. If you don't already know Cheryl's blog, do look it up.



Danz said...

I can see why Cheryl picked you...your shoes are amazing! Congrats :)

Francis Girard said...

How lovely to be mentioned by a fellow blogger - well done you xf

Kira Fashion said...


a kiss!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Thanks so much for the mention on your wonderful blog. The honor was indeed mine!

Much love to you, me Lady.

vogued out!!! said...

oh wow congrats, totally deserve it, those are hot.