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I actually have to work today, sigh......his lordship thinks that I should get out and do something useful, I suppose the upside is more money to shop with.
At least I can make it entertaining for myself with lovely accessories, nothing makes me happier than a beautiful pair of heels. Carla from accounts can't stand it that I have better shoes than her so that's one triumph for the day.

Coat: The name of the shop escapes me, but it's on Bourke St, a little Japanese affair.
Tux Shirt: eBay
Shoes: eBay
Skirt: DFO
Bag: Florence



vogued out!!! said...

This is such a great work outfit. I find your style so inspiring. I've had to work more too, and I also look at the positive of more money to shop with, so yay to work?

Mica said...

Great outfit, I wish I looked half as stylish and put together for work! Love the jacket and the heels :)

The Collector said...

Everyone should dress this nice for work... out with ill fitting suits I say!

Imelda Matt said...

Damn Carla from Accounts and her Kumpfs...what does expect, she's working next to Lady Melbourne!

Francis Girard said...

Nothing says chis more than a red coat - my mum says a girls hould always have a pair of red shoes and a red coat. Just lovely. xf

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i must say that you have a good sense of style!!

i love the tux shirt!!

and the!!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

How gorgeous is your new header! That ring is out for this world. I am still in love with your ruffle blouse and as for the shoes, I am quite sure that with this method you could take out your competitors one poorly shod challenger at a time.

thetinylittlegirl said...

love your work outfit! i work with blokes and have to wear boots and pants, no cute work outfits for me.

love that carla in accounts is jealous ;-) haha.

kater said...

So perfect! It's such a fancy and wonderful shape :D

Cheryl Lynn said...

That red coat is blasting! I would love it, (even if it would only fit one of my arms!) Beautiful outfit.

You've been tagged. If you want to play, visit me.

Mucho love, Bella!

valerie said...

Oh, you look sad in the first picture, is it because your shoes are scuffed?

Beautifully classic as always...

Lady Melbourne said...

Yes Valerie, my shoes are scuffed and I had to work....sigh, I managed to order in afternoon tea for no particular reason which no only cheered me up but everyone around me. Everyone loves cake don't they?!

Imelda what did your mother say about women wearing red?Hhhmmmm?!

The Collector if I could banish ill fitting suits from the CBD area I'd be a happy woman, some days I feel like going on a Trinny and Susanna rampage. Only no one knows who I am so perhaps they would just think I was a really well dressed crazy person.

S.K.M, the ring normally blinds people, if that doesn't work I just show them the shoes. Carla is immune to the ring, I'm working on that one.

bear said...

i love that top!

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my eBay store TrickVintage. The tuxedo blouse looks GORGEOUS on you.

Hope to see you again soon @ TrickVintage !

p.s. so glad you luv the blouse !