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New Reading Material

I have some new things to read listed just to the right there. Go and take a look- many of them you probably already know but they are new to my reading list!

In Private Collection
Lady Grey
Fashion Hayley Hits Home
The Fashion Cupboard
The Clothes Horse
Thats Just My Vibe
Shiny Little Things
Professionally Trendy
All are kindly linked, thank you to my new friends.

I won't make these links, all the more interesting for you to go forth and find them!



Imelda Matt said...

LOL...I started reading the list thinking that they were book recommendations, until I got to Hayley and did a double take!!!! Have a great weekendxxx

Lady Grey said...

Thanks for the shout out-bless!
Love the new banner too!

The Collector said...

Thank you LM for mentioning my blog, much appreciated :)