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Trash and Treasure = Vintage shoppers paradise

I have been reluctant to post about this, because selfishly it's nice to think I have this place all to myself.
I don't of course, hundreds of people go here each weekend, but I suppose as it is more trash than treasure, and nowhere near as popular as other flea/vintage/second hand markets in Melbourne, it was my little gem.
Anyhow, I visited Coburg Trash and Treasure today that's held every Sunday at one of the last remaining drive in's, in Victoria(you can spot one of the screens in the background of the pictures). This in my opinion makes it all the more special.
I picked up a few curious objects, but the main treasure is this 1950's petticoat. The woman that sold it to me told me it belonged to her mother and she has had it since she was a girl. We had a great chat about 1950's fashion and she seemed sad in a way to let it go, but relieved that it was obviously going to a loving home. Loving, adoring, obsessive- I'm thrilled!

Trench: EG Collection
Skirt/Petticoat: Coburg Trash and Treasure
Dress worn as top: Yeojin Bae
Spectators: I Love Billy
Bag: Vintage
Heels: Tuck



The Collector said...

This skirt/petticoat is very Carrie Bradshaw... I love it!

kater said...

Oh my goodness, I could just die! That petticoat is so lovely and perfect! Such a great find, I am green with envy!

It looks like a fun place, I like the snuggling stuffed white tigers in the second picture :D

I always feel like I have to go to estate sales and things, and I end up buying all kinds of odds and ends because I worry that things which were once so dear to someone will go somewhere unloved!

Siljesfashion said...

Oh my god, I love it!!! I agree, very Carrie indeed. Great shots and dont worry, I cant really come there to shop! Haha. Although now I really want to. I think we all have our "gems" places to find vintage that you dont want others to know about. But I am happy you shared, because it turned out to be such a great post!

styledigger said...

Woowww! I don't know what to say! This skirt is perfect, you look so pretty! I also love your sandals, jacket and jewelerry. Like from SATC! I'm speachless.

Oh and I love your oxfords!

Dotti said...

Gosh, what a pretty one. The best about: you look stunning wearing it. Congrats, dear.

Kira Fashion said...

this a shop like this in Buenos Aires that i really enjoyed when i went there :)

i can´t believe there is no Zara in Australia! it may be change soon, i hope :)

a kiss,
love your style!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I use to live in melbourne, well i'm sort of splitting my time I'm in canada right now. You make me miss the boot sales so much!

On Track said...

Oh wow how fantastic is your outfit! I love it, it reminds me of the film 'Crybaby' if you have seen it. Very cute :D

Fashion Tidbits said...

kor, i could spend hours in places like that looking for hidden treasures! that petticoat is mighty cute!

do tell us about where you got that Yeojin Bae dress.

Fashion Is Poison said...

omg it's seriously like a dream!

the tutu is so girly and beautiful

A dreamer said...

oh my god! that is my dream petticoat right there!
its so beautiful, so soft and ...*swoon*

July Stars said...

those shoes are incredible, i love them!

Anonymous said...

adorable outfit! also, i love your banner! :)

Lady Grey said...

super! that tutu skirt is the greatest find and I heart your shoes...alot!x

Lady Melbourne said...

Kater- I fear we share the same habit of buying things so that they can find a new home. I always, always ask about the origin of what ever piece of clothing/furniture/curious object I am buying if it's possible. There was no way I could let this skirt go after meeting it's owner.

Fashion Tidbits- Yeojin Bae dress is from her Designer for Target range, details in previous post and also in shopping directory at the end of the page.

On Track- yes I've seen Cry Baby and I love it!

Lady Grey- how nice to meet another Lady!

I'm thrilled you all love it so much.

Anonymous said...

ah i agree with the collector the skirt is very sex and the city opening credits

nv said...

I love your shoes and the outfit is so cute

Jessica said...

Oh I adore this skirt. I've been looking for a type of tutu skirt which would go great with my black leather jacket. Superb!

CoutureCarrie said...

Adore the tutu . . . and the floral dresses in your other posts. You have a wonderful eye for vinatge finds!