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I heart you

I heart you dear readers, I really do!
Here is a little tribute thrown in for my week of colour- not an entirely colourful outfit but I'm working up to it.
It is getting nice and cold here now, I adore winter because you can accessorise so much better. You will never hear me complain about the cold!

Sweater: Country Road
Skirt: Vintage Pierre Cardin
Sun glasses: Queen Victoria Market
Alligator clutch: Savers
Shoes: Phillipo Raphael
Jewellery: Chanel



L. said...

Those sunglasses are beautiful. I really love the necklace too, it's so decadent.

Also amazing work on the gloves in the post below. They look great!

The Collector said...

It takes fashion guts to wear heart shaped glasses. I have none, but you certainly do!

I'm just wondering about your necklace - is that a Chanel brooch you have attached to some beads that you whipped up yourself, or is the pendant part of the beads?
It looks beautiful around your neck btw.

Francis Girard said...

oh those heart shape sunnies - bless!!! cute beyond belief.... you are just so lovely. xf

WendyB said...

Pretty color.


It's supposed to be Summer in France and the weather is rainy, windy and chilly. Anyway, I love your shoes.

Kira Fashion said...

so great style, those sunglasses are so fun!
and this skirt is really cool too, I love this style!

a kiss!!

emily said...

you look so pretty in the second picture!

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely and chic look. I really adore your necklace--it's gorgeous! The layering of Fall I really look forward to, but dead winter nearly kills me every year...

She's Dressing Up said...

The shape of the skirt is just beautiful

A dreamer said...

i heart your outfit but i heart your sunnies even more!

Imelda Matt said...

cute...the heart shaped glasses make you look like a Lolita - true!

Cheryl Lynn said...

These pictures are Magni-licious!
Those sunglasses are so cute on you. Love the color combination of this very lady-like outfit.

You've done it again, me Lady.

vogued out!!! said...

love the 2nd picture, Karl should totally use that for his next ad. classy!