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I had no idea how easy barrel rolls were to achieve!
You can't really see the full result in this post, but watch out this week for some super kawaii hair!
I've been wondering how to do this for years.

I'm off today to check out a vintage/recycle clothing shop I've been invited to have a look at, naturally taking my camera with me so I can show case the results.

This dress is still on loan from the very stylish Sian Darling, she has agreed to a dress swap as I'm growing attached each and every day it's in my possesion. If any of you can think about what I could part with that would be equal in style/quality/design and general gorgeousness then let me know. I have an idea I'll be parting with one of my colourful dresses, can't bear to part with any of my black and white gear!

I'm also getting into wearing matching lip and nail colour, my inner middle aged woman showing.

Dress: Vintage, still on loan!
Jewellery: Mouche
Heels: eBay



Lil' Puch said...

Love your blog and i find so much inspiration in your style, thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

You look absolutely stunning!! Everything from your hair to your accessories are working in perfect harmony!

It times like this that I wish I had longer hair...

Anonymous said...

Love the dress!
Emailed you as requested though as I write this you may have replied!

Fashion Hayley said...

The hair looks great, my sister does something similar. I wish I could do that with my hair but my hair is so fine it doesn't stay up ever. I love the dress on you too, I hope you can find something similar.

esme and the lane way said...

I love that dress, it is fabulous. Your hair looks great, too. I can't wait to have longer hair!

Siljesfashion said...

Great look! Love your hairstyle, which very few can pull off. You are one of them, since you have such a classy and ladylike look. Did you find those shoes on ebay? Are they allright to wear? Also, and I might have asked you before, how did you get your whole photo into the header? Which by the way , looks stunning. Hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Pam Power said...

I have that dress but in red and black-I got it from Miss Shop!!!

You look beautiful in it!

Pam Power xox

Anonymous said...

Oh Lady Melboure- You're simply too stunning for your own good! The elegance of Black and White in this ensemble is so timeless and yet so now. Big love! Xx


hi from Paris stylish lady

if i say once again i won't be very orginal. sorry

as every saturday, i visit the web to discovered the best fashion blog
and unfortunately, yours belong to them ! lol

it's 2 pm here in Paris and i plan a great day of street style shooting in the streets of Paris.
Summer is beautiful in Paris.
Have you seen the amazing style i shooted this week ?
I am sure you'll find lots of inspiration.

i'll be glad to keep in touch, drink wine, switch links ! lol

i wish you a great day MKL
keep on being stylish and silly !

cheers from Paris


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Oh lovely! I know I am biased but I think this is your best hair ever. So glad ot have been of service.

Penny said...

The hair looks amazing, as does everything else!
I am rubbish with hairstyles, but now I am definitely inspired to give it a go!

Francis Girard said...

You must have this dress its just so lovely. That hair of yours belongs in a magazine its simply stunning. xfrancis


Definitely love your style, there is such an harmony and bravo for your hair style. Have a nice week-end.

Anonymous said...

your hair came out great!

Mia said...

lovely? oh yes indeed :)

Skye said...

The dress is so elegant, you have to keep it!

Julie said...

You look like a porcelain doll in these shots! Spectacular. I'd love to see a shot of the back of the hair.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i love your hair.the style is so chanel!very chic!love it dear!

Zizzi said...

Love the hair and understand the love for the dress! The pictures make me think of Audrey Hepburn!

The Collector said...

Your make up looks especially gorgeous.
All your dresses are so lovely so I struggle to suggest what you should give up... but that b&w dress is stunning so you must find something!

Kira Fashion said...

love it all, the pink is awsome and the new haircut is fantastic!!

a kiss my friend!

styledigger said...

You look like a Lady. And this big ring is absolutely amazing. Perfect outfit!

Anonymous said...

Perfection! You look beautiful xxx

Imelda Matt said...

Don't give the dress back, say the dog ate it!

Cheryl Lynn said...

The hair is exquisite. You are a true glamour icon. I hope you know that.

I'm so glad I found your blog, you are no less than a great fashion inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lady Melbourne,

I found your blog via Circa Vintage. I just wondered if you'd disclose who does your hair--it's really great.

Also, that dress is Coo Ca Choo, it ain't vintage I'm afraid as I too own it.