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A new location....

To some it might seem really obvious what to do about not having enough lighting- add some. That has taken me about 2 weeks to work out.
Today it occurred to me that if I took things outdoors, and in particular being inspired by Karla's Closet, I might just be able to capture the detail I want because well, sunlight is a wonderful thing isn't it.
Jokes on me kids, don't worry.

Vintage fur stole: Savers
Lace cardigan worn as dress: Inherited from my Great Aunt Una who bought it in Hong Kong many, many years ago
Tights: Wicked
Shoes: eBay
Jewellery: All from Mouche, see shopping directory.
Belt: Sportsgirl



Sally Jane said...

Lovely! I have a vintage stole but I haven't gotten brave enough to wear it out into public yet.

My Charlie Girl said...

Hey Lady Melbourne.
Thank you for the lovely comments you recently left :) Of course you can use some of my images, but of course, as long as you credit me :)

I love your blog, you have impeccable fashion taste !!!!! So lady like and elegant with a twist of modern funk!

Thanks for the heads up about my not having an email address on my blog :) i have one now :)

warmest regards

A dreamer said...

yup the natural lighting is very nice and so is the wind blowing in your hair. hehe
Was this taken in your backyard or one of those old little stone alleys around richmond/collingwood?

esme and the lane way said...

Love it! The fur looks great. I also have a vintage stole, a fox complete with an articulated jaw, but am yet to find the occasion/nerve to wear it. ALL my friends hate it and most refuse to even touch it!

Sabrina said...

That stole looks... fierce! I can't believe I said that haha. Great find.

The Collector said...

You're lucky those tights are so black! Very short 'dress' but as they say 'if you've got it, flaunt it!' You definitely have it!

Francis Girard said...

During winter here in London I rush home on the tube and try to catch at least 10 mins of sun to take my blog pics - the neighbours think I'm mad. Natural light is a photographers best friend. xf

Siljesfashion said...

Flawless look, as always! I love everything about this outfit. The stole, the shoes, the cardigan used as a dress. I love your new header, you look amazing in this picture!

Lady Melbourne said...

SJ- Take the step, once you wear it out you will get so many compliments, I've even had people offer to buy it straight off my back.

My Charlie Girl- I will be in touch over email, I love your images!

A Dreamer- you are very close with the laneway reference but if I told you it would reveal too much about where the maids deposit my empty shoe boxes. Let's just say it is a laneway, in a very old part of town.

FG- I'm sure all my neighbours think I'm quite strange too!

Sabrina and TC- I'll take fierce! I'll take flaunt it!

Silje as always your comments are warm and complimentary, thank you for coming back.

Imelda Matt said...

meow...the outdoor light and the contrast of the wooden fence makes for a great setting.

Penny said...

those shoes are gorgeous!!!! they look like they could be chanel.
how on earth do you find such treasures on ebay?!!