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Possums, I'm back!

What a lovely refreshing weekend I've had, as you can see, I've been accessorising most of the time....joking of course, not all the time, just most of it.
And I'm back to black, white and grey finally!
Again, as in a previous post with a red pair, I made my gloves. Due to the response I had on that post I suppose I owe an explanation to you all so your not left wondering how it is I D.I.Y all the time.
Step one: Buy any pair of soft fabric gloves.
Step two: Buy the best quality rhinestones you can find. These are Swarovski crystal.
Step three: Design layout, glue on.
I may have a background in accessory design but you know, I don't want you all to think that Lady Melbourne might actually have to work for a living!
If you would like to know any more or would like a pair for yourself, please email me. They get borrowed for fashion shoots all the time, stylists seem to like them. Funny though, I don't sell very many. I suppose rhinestones before lunch isn't every ones cup of tea.
I also must tell you that I found this divine creature of a coat waiting for me at my local Vinnie's store. For all of $5.50 considering it is tailored, fully lined with bound button holes I thought the universe had delivered me quite a lovely little Saturday afternoon gift.
I'm going to make a nice big sash to go with it.
Looking forward now to reading about what the rest of you have been up to while I've been away!
Dress: Target (I know!)
Coat: Vinnie's
Gloves: I made them
Ring: Mouche
Brooch: Mouche
Shoes: eBay



The Exception said...

I love those gloves! They're so extravagant they work.

Congratulations on the $5.50 find, it takes a very special person to be able to find such gems!



The Collector said...

The grey coat is absolutely amazing! I love it. I can't believe it only cost you $5.50!

I don't think I have the patience for vintage shopping - I would give up too easily. I like to shop fast & hard during my lunch break, but seeing buys like this makes me think I should maybe consider changing my ways...

Mia said...

Stunning gloves! Love them!

Fashion Tidbits said...

those are absolutely fasntastic gloves!!!!!!! such a great DIY

Cheryl Lynn said...

You are amazing! Those gloves are lucious and that coat at 5.50 is pure genious.

You are more than an inspiration to us fledgling proper ladies. I'm glad to see you had a wonderful weekend and welcome back. I left a comment for your comment on my blog. I'm on my way to church now so have a lovely day, me lovely lady.


Scheharazade said...

Your ring is so lovely^-^

Penny said...

They are absolutely amazing gloves, how much do the rhinestones cost?
I would love to have a go at making a pair myself but I'm not sure if mine would come out looking this good!!!

kater said...

Oh my goodness those gloves! Has there ever been anything so glorious!

I am constantly amazed at your style, so ladylike and perfect!

Anonymous said...

man those gloves are amazing im gonna have to try to make a pair

little parisienne said...

your header is simply gorgeous!!!
And the shoes you're wearing... the most adorable ones I've ever seen...^^usype

Sharifa said...

You look really classy and well put together.
Nice finds!

She's Dressing Up said...

The gloves are just beautiful, and I love the print on the dress

The Clothes Horse said...

Beautiful details! You look so glamorous.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

You have amazing style, I love what you did with the gloves so creative!

vogued out!!! said...

I'm still very impressed with these gloves. the coat is a fantastic buy. looking great as always.

Christine said...

I love that target dress, have been lemming it for weeks but fear i may have left it to long to find!

L. said...

They are such gorgeous gloves, and they suit you to a tee. The coat is perfect also. I love it when a thrift find fills your heart with joy.

bowerbird said...

What fabulous style you have Lady Melbourne! And crafty to boot!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

You look so much more happy and relaxed in your familiar shades of grey. With those bargain hunting skills, you may have to be my date to the Camberwell Markets next time.

Francis Girard said...

I love you in your classic muted shades - its your signature style and makes you who you are. xf

Lady Melbourne said...

Well I'm thrilled you all don't mind my monochrome pallette- I'm was wondering for a while if I should re-name this 'the black and white blog.'
Vintage finds are out there, you just have to have the patience to find them.
Penny I got the rhinestones from a wholesaler, but it all depends on the quality. If you buy plastic ones you'll only spend a couple of dollars, where as crystal may cost you a little bit more. It's worth it for the end result though.

Imelda Matt said...

stunning....I'll take 13 gloves. Why 13 and not 12 (because that would 6 pairs) because the spare will be used for swatting unwelcome advances from smooth talking lotharios!

A dreamer said...

your opulent jewels always finish your look perfectly. great job on the gloves!

Toni Alexis said...

Gloves are absolutely gorgeous!