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The sun shines on....

Do not be fooled gentle readers, it is rather cold here right now. These were taken in a brief moment as the sun shone, and my central heating worked it's magic.
This dress was found in one of those moments when I was shopping but not supposed to be- well not on purpose anyhow. I just happened to be an hour early to meet someone right near Savers (how convenient!) and the only thing I found that took my fancy was this adorable heart print dress, in my always favourite: black and white.
I don't think I wear these Alex & Alex pumps enough, what do you think?

I would also like to add that the little Miffy pendant is a small token of friendship that I'm wearing right now- I have the red one and my very dear best friend who is an archaeologist on a dig in Crete at the moment has a blue one. The other friend that makes up our trio has an orange one. Childhood ideals run deep into adulthood I can assure you!
Dress: Savers
Pumps: Alex & Alex
Jewellery: Ribbon is just a ribbon really, Miffy charm from an Asian grocery shop on Sydney Rd, other bracelets I made, earrings and ring bought.



Anonymous said...

Hello Lady Melbourne (:
I do love the shoes! Do wear them more!
I was in Melbourne recently (I'm from adelaide) I meant to go to Savers but I never got round to it. I'm starting to regret it now!
I love your style and your blog (:
I love the idea of the miffy charm to! Fantastic idea!
You look wonderful (:

Fashion Hayley said...

What a great find from Savers. I love your shoes too, I think you wore them last time I saw you. The sun looks so nice, its so cold right now.

Kira Fashion said...

My dear Friend!
I live only two blocks of this beach, that is called Boa Viagem. That´s a nice place, but my skin is too white as yours and I hardly ever go to the sun...i prefer to run at the sidewalk :)
You are fiercy as usual, you are fantastic!
Do you live near the coast at your city? I know that Australia is fantastic and think that must have some great beaches too! Tell me more about that :)

A kiss!
Love your blog, ones of fav.
see you,

The Clothes Horse said...

Lovely dress and your jewelry is quite fun!
In my picture it is a skirt. I was quite excited to find it secondhand, it reminded me of the ballerina tutus everyone is buying at H&M lately.

-h of candid cool said...

so elegant. I really think the detail of the red ribbon around the wrist is the cherry on top

WendyB said...

Head to toe cuteness.

The Collector said...

Most definitely wear the Alex & Alex shoes more! They are utterly gorgeous.

The red ribbon and red lips are a cute touch. I love little details like this that just pull a whole outfit together.

You have such great attention to detail and it shows in all your fashion creations. xx

natiib said...

The Miffy pedant is so sweet :)

Penny said...

I love the heart print, and definitely wear the shoes more often, they are gorgeous!
It's so wierd that our seasons are opposite, I can't imagine it being summer over christmas!!!

anemieke said...

yo girlfriend, AMAZING photos... the red lippy is a great touch ;)


Your Alex&Alex pumps are gorgeous and I think you should wear them more. They deserve it.

Nay'Chelle said...

I love your shoes! And all the bracelets look very nice together.

Lady Thirty said...

love your bracelets! so cute with miffy :)

Lady Melbourne said...

Fab, it's settled then, wear the Alex&Alex heels more often!
Karahh- thanks for stopping buy, I always love to hear from new readers.
Hayley- can't remember to be honest, I think it was my YSL or Guillame Hinfray but none the less!
Kira- if you ever make it down here we have amazing beaches too. How lucky you are to live 2 blocks from such paradise!
TCH- I like your skirt much, much better than the H&M one!
-H and The Collector- thank you for noticing the details, they are extremely important to me!
Penny it is hard to believe but I can assure you that we have a big Christmas roast at our house no matter what the weather is outside!
Anamieke- thank you.xx
Miss Glitzy, Nay'Chelle and Lady Thirty- love your comments as always, nice to see that you all notice the kind of detail that is so important to me.
Thank you all for stopping by.

WendyB said...

Hi! You are welcome to comment any time on my main blog at The other one is dormant.

Siljesfashion said...

Love your dress, such a classic and looks lovely on you. Are those shoes a known brand? Never heard of them before, but they look so fab!

esme and the lane way said...

Wow, great pictures! Great outfit too. Those shoes are fabu. What a good find at Savers, too!

Lauren said...

Your super fashion power is finishing touches. I love the cute charm and the red touches on the shoes. I wish so much that we had Savers in Qld.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I especially love the red ribbon.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly polished as always - you are such an inspiration. You make me want to be a better dresser. Xx

un petit receso! said...

Hello Lady Melbourne
I love your shoes and your bracelets,

Fashion Is Poison said...

you find such great treasures! the shoes are amazing. the red makes them soooo hot!

Hey Powderpuff said...

Hi there, thanks very much for your kind comment. You are welcome to add a link to me but be warned that I am very lazy about updating!
Very pretty outift by the way x

On Track said...

Oh another gorgeous and classy outfit, how do you do it so often?! it is very inspiring :) I love the black and white with a touch of red, that just works so well :D

susie_bubble said...

The shoes are wonderful!

Imelda Matt said...

banging kicks but I find Alex and Alex a touch over priced for what they are...thoughts?

A dreamer said...

definitely should wear those shoes more! :O the miffy charm is so cute! asian groceries have the oddest knick knacks.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

I adore this look. The dress, the touch of red, the miffy charm. This is perfect Super Kawaii!

Anonymous said...

you look absolutly beautiful in these pictures, the lighting is amazing

the childcatcher said...

you look wonderful
the heart print on the dress is awesome :)
im from brisbane, been to melbourne only once.
i wish i lived there!