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Happy Friday

Isn't it incredible how quickly this week has gone past?
I might have shocked you yesterday with a burst of colour but I'm back up to my old tricks again today, and naturally I feel quite at home.
This jacket is similar to the blue one with white and red trim, it is part of a suit but wears very well worn separately.
No it is not Chanel, but it is authentic vintage, circa 1950's made from linen, silk and cotton tweed. It is by a label called Ralph and was made in West Germany. If anyone has anything similar please let me know!
I just adore it!
It is a little bit big for me and could be tailored to a much closer fit, but there is something soft about the larger more relaxed fit. Not as formal perhaps?

Anyhow, make sure you have yourself a little cocktail or treat yourself to something nice, it is Friday after all!
I will be having margaritas and Mexican tonight, probably more margaritas than the rest of the carbs- sorry cuisine, but looking forward to it ever so much.

Dress: Elle B, Savers
Jacket, part of suit: Vintage 'Ralph' from Episode
Necklaces: I made them
Earrings: Chanel
Heels: eBay

p.s- In response to anonymous' comment asking who takes my photos, I do. I spoke about it in a recent post (scroll down please!) because it is something I am often asked.
His lordship is not a photographer, no relatives are, I myself have a creative background but have no formal training to speak of in photography.
I have a tripod, a 7.1 mega pixel camera and try to shoot in natural daylight. A keen eye doesn't go astray either!
There is no possible way for me to prove that I take all my own photos, but if you have been a long time reader of the blog you will know it is true.
My friends who read this can vouch for it, but if it is going to add to the mystery of Lady Melbourne then you can all make up your own minds.



The Collector said...

Golly gosh... for a second there I thought that maybe you decided not to travel after all and spent all you money on a Chanel jacket. In all honesty it wouldn't surprise me!

Enjoy the cocktails & your weekend. xx

WJ said...

I agree with the Collector! The jacket is too Chanel-y to be true. Cocktails sound so much better for a friday night than sitting around at home with my family watching the Opening Ceremony of the Olympics. Oh well...


Still Thursday here... Chanel indeed but I like the fact that it's a little bit big for you. Perfect for Friday's margaritas so have a nice time.

Jill Sherman said...

Have a fabulous weekend, Lady M. Those photos of you in the red dress are to die for!

Kira Fashion said...

you are really chic!!!

a kiss!!

esme and the lane way said...

The jacket looks great – and what a luxurious material it's made of! It sounds so comfy as well as looking chic. I love the black and white on the same necklace too.

Anonymous said...

I thought that was Chanel at make it look like Chanel :)

So very "ladies who lunch", in the best sense! I love all your looks but I adore this. Tres chic!

And your officially have the best hair ever :)

Happy Friday LM xxx

Anonymous said...

You look positively divine! And I also let out a slight gasp upon seeing the jacket, so very Chanel!

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy those Margaritas!

Anonymous said...

That is a very nice jacket my dear Lady M. I love that Chanel-esque tweedy sort of material. I actually really want a jacket like that: there was a really elegent and simple one I saw on that awful Kate Moss that I would like to appropriate.

I wonder if I could pull it off?


Lady Smaggle said...

Oh I totally agree. I would much rather use up carb quota on Margaritas than tacos. That jacket is divine by the way.

Cheryl Lynn said...

That jacket is gorgeous and you look gorgeouser (is that a word?)in it!

Most beauteous, me Lady.

Imelda Matt said...

As much as I like a burst of colour, it's your ole tricks that keep me coming back!

Anonymous said...

LM, who takes your photos?

StrikeMatch said...

Your jacket is perfect. I know what you mean about the more relaxed fit... it's more 'relaxed'! Have a lovely weekend!

kater said...

I love what you've been doing with your hair lately! Just lovely, you're such the portrait of ladylike-ness!

Penny said...

It's NOT Chanel?! It certainly looks it! Oh you do look ever so chic here.
I love how the light comes into that room, it must be such a beautiful place to live

enc said...

The hair! the clothes! the shoes! the jewelry! the lighting! ahhhhhhhh.

WendyB said...


Imelda Matt said...

Imelda vouches her reputation on LM's ability to fire off a killer pics - nuff said!

Siljesfashion said...

My first thought was that the jacket was Chanel. How lovely indeed, and such a great fit for you! Hope you had an amazing weekend!

belle.chantelle said...

This is a wonderful Chanel look.