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It's a wonderful life.

I just felt like lazing around in the afternoon sun didn't actually happen, this was a brief moment of wonderful nothing that I managed to capture on film.
Maids were off for the day, his Lordship at work, all I had to do was sit around and contemplate my jewels.
Do you like my dress? I bought it on eBay a couple of years ago and I don't wear it that often. Or perhaps not often enough.
It's one of those items one puts on, and then at the last minute before dashing out the door decides to rip off in favour of something 'safer.' This isn't even extravagant!
I did the same thing with it on Saturday, right before I was supposed to leave for an exhibition opening I opted for my tuxedo look from a couple of posts ago( just scroll down) minus the little jacket, plus my trench.
All the girls, (the mafia as his Lordship refers to them, how rude!) decided it was a tres chic look, but I felt a little bored in it to be honest.
I think perhaps I shall wear it more in Spring. Maybe with some fuschia heels- that don't yet reside in my wardrobe but will come the seasons change!



WJ said...

Wow cleavage! But I love it, you look amazing! Great dress and the reverse polka dot colours of the dress and the bow are a wonderful contrast.

Anonymous said...

I love the dress and I think it would look extra divine with some brightly coloured accessories - fuschia heels sound like a great match!

StrikeMatch said...

Clothing like that is weird. You get in it, you love it, then when you go to leave the house, you're like 'uhhh, maybe not this time'.

But it honestly looks fantastic on you.

The Collector said...

That first shot of you is totally beautiful... and the cleavage in the second shot!! My God, don't get me started on the cleavage!

I have a load of things like that in my wardrobe... I put it on, but it's never quite right. I think a cull is on the cards.

esme and the lane way said...

I hate that feeling, when I've left the house and not feeling quite right. This looks lovely though!
That blue apple neckalce is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am the king of the last-minute change. It drives everyone crazy, but I am consatntly screaming "Wait! I just need too..." before dashing into my room to change.

Fuschia would look lovely with this look; or even a lovely baby blue to match that eye-catching bauble!


enc said...

Pindots, beautiful!

M @ Wearfare said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Well laziness surely inspired you, you just look terrific.

Kira Fashion said...

you are fantastic, love your real classic style and your great beauty! Fantastic lady and that chanel post below, that´s genius!!!

a kiss!!!

Lil' Puch said...

Dear! you are the cutest!
I just tagged you at my blog.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks divine with that bow and I adore your necklace...that was what first caught my eye with these pics.

The dress looks great on you. You look pretty and elegant as always so if you love it, do wear it!

AusAnna said...

wow this dress is beautiful!. def wear it out. i want to see a post of an in action version of the dress!
tre chic!x

A dreamer said...

do you always look that good when you just 'lounge around'?
And wow, you really rock the garbage bag look.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

No it definitely isn't you, and you should never, never wear it again! You should however, sell it to me. *wink* Lovely Lady M.

Penny said...

Wow, you look amazing!
That second picture has definitely pushed me to make the decision to cut my fringe short!!

Rachael said...

I love this dress and the whole look. And, fuschia heels sound perfect.

I love the way your pictures are taken, how do you do it?

Imelda Matt said...

OMG!!!! My laptops smoldering...YOU LOOK SO EFFING HOT in these pictures! Should these find there way onto a smutty website (and I hope they do) it's good that you have your LM watermark embedded!

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful with your hair down!

WendyB said...

Impressive boobage! :-)