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Hello, Lady Melbourne
If it's not too much trouble do you think you could answer a few questions for me, pretty please?I'm going to be popping down to Melbourne at the end of this year and I was just wondering - where are the best places to shop for pretty clothes? What are the best markets to go to?And also this is sort of a stupid question, but do you think it would be possible for me to find a typewriter while I'm in Melbourne? I think people here must be throwing their old ones out, because I have been searching around, but to no avail.
Thank you muchly~~

Dear Reader,
How wonderful you are making the trip to Melbourne!
As I have no idea how long you intend to be here or what your shopping slant might be, I will suggest a few streets you should visit where you are sure not to be disappointed.
I would firstly head to Little Collins St in the city where you will find shoe boutiques, clothing boutiques and my all time favourite jewellery shop, Mouche.
Next stop should be Flinders Lane- make sure you pop into Retro Star for racks and racks of pretty vintage dresses.
Off Flinders Lane you will come across Degraves Lane way, and Centre Way, which are again full of vintage clothes, up market boutiques, cafes, jewellery, lingerie and quirky little shops.

Out of the city you should head to Brunswick St where you could spend an afternoon alone trawling the shops, cafes and galleries. If you are after pretty clothes the Alannah Hill factory outlet is located right on Brunswick St and you cannot surpass it for gorgeous dresses at a fraction of the retail price.
Chapel St isn't really my scene, but you will find every imaginable shop that is sure to cater to every ones shopping taste and budget. If you head that way make sure you pop into Chapel St Bazaar for vintage and retro ornaments, furniture and clothing.

Market wise I would suggest Camberwell Market from 6am-1pm every Sunday- just Google it for more details.
I personally prefer Coburg Trash and Treasure(held at a drive in, doesn't get much better than that!) but it's much more hit and miss than Camberwell.
Try this website for help with whats on market wise when you are down.

I do hope this helps somewhat, I'm sure my readers will have plenty of ideas to add!



enc said...

I'm sure this will be very helpful indeed. Now I know where to shop if I ever come to Melbourne.

Anonymous said...

How excellent! My boyfriend is taking me away to a mystery location in a couple of weeks time for my birthday, and my fingers are crossed that it's Melbourne, so this will be perfect! :D

grapefruiit said...

wow, thanks that was very helpful! =]

hokey said...

Don't forget the Rose st. Artist's market in Fitzroy (just off Brunswick st.) on Saturdays!

-k said...

If you're here on Sunday, check out the St Kilda Art Market held at St Kilda Beach. They sell jewellery and handmade items (scarves, beanies, artwork) plus going there allows you to sight see St Kilda and experience the vibe! Have fun when you're here!

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

What a great post! When I go back to Melbourne (which is hopefully sooner, rather than later) I shall have to make my way into all these different spots! :)