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Oh Dear!

Darling readers if you logged on today you would have got quite a shock- a blog, Lady Melbourne's blog no less sans photographs!

It was quite distressing when I finally worked it out, so I apologise to all of you that might have tuned in and not found what you were looking for.
I've had the maids working for a few hours to rectify the situation so you should at least see all the current posts on this front page.
I need a martini.....



Skye said...

Photobucket trouble is the bane of many an existence, I hope yours is resolved very soon (and enjoy your martini, I'm sure you've earned it!)

Kirby said...

Thank goodness you sorted it Lady M i was getting quiet distressed :)

Lady Melbourne said...

I know, it was terrible when I found out as I was out busying myself and couldn't get to a computer. Much more relaxed about things now....; )

Anonymous said...

Maids? I really hope you're kidding!

Anonymous said...

The picture here is so divine! A lady in her undergarments with a hammer! It definitely makes up for any shenanigans the photobucket gremlins were up to yesterday!