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Shop Profile: This Law

So out and about on one of my shopping odessy's the other day I came across this sweet little shop called 'This Law.'
I'm declaring a new law myself: you have to visit this shop.
Opened in December 2007 by Cecelia Hagarty and Justin Entwistle the shop stocks their own lable 'Szou' as well as other Melbourne designers such as Marko Maglaic, Joachim & Anna and Black Mouse to name but a few.
Their signature style is the gorgeous 1960's and 1970's leather jackets that Cecelia takes as a base, and redesigns, fits and embelishes to make them new again.
For $280 I think they are gorgeous, she only uses the best quality jackets she can lay her hands on so the leather looked fantastic. If you have your own leather jacket you'd like cropped or 're-designed' they offer and in-house customisation service for $150, where Cecelia will work with you to re-create it to perfection.

This is the little baby I wanted but sadly it had just been put on layby. Sniff.....

Cecelia told me that 1970's vintage leather was their specialty, so you can find tooled bags, boots, shoes and wallets.
I'm not that familiar with 1970's vintage myself, but Cecelia seemed to know her stuff and was quite rock and roll for someone with 2 bubbas in tow.Although it's not an era I would normally wear, I was so taken with her enthusiam for the shop and the jackets she is creating I thought it was worth sharing with you all. The shop also only promotes independant designers, and in keeping with the indie theme only plays independent, local music as well.

This Law
314 Victoria St Brunswick 3056
PH: +61 3 9381 4282



Skye said...

What a nifty idea - I have a leather needle for my sewing machine but have never used it for anything more exciting than hemming and making bags.

On the other hand I am not a talented re-designer like this lady, so maybe it's better that I leave the Al Pacino jackets on the op-shop racks...

Alicia said...

Oh how wonderful! I wish I had some spare $ right now because I have a leather jacket I bought a few years ago which is a little big and unflattering. This would be perfect!! Thanks so much for the reccomendation LM!

K.Line said...

If only we had this place in TO!

Sal said...

Wow, those cropped leather jackets are astonishingly beautiful. She does a great job of breathing new life into old garments.

enc said...

I love those cropped jackets. I could really use something like that in my wardrobe. Too bad I'm not located anywhere near this shop.

kirstie said...

i think i've heard of this store before. those jackets are lovely! only reinforces my NEED to go to melbourne. haha.

esme and the lane way said...

Ah, I was peeking through the window of this shop last Saturday after breakfast, but alas (or hurrah for my wallet!) it wasn't open yet!

Bucca said...

Wow what a great find! thank-you Lady Melbourne!

PS: I have FINALLY updated my blog and I'd love it if you would come by and take a look!

Fashion Fille said...

im not really into the cropped jackets, but i think you could really rock on!