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Spring Trends: Fashion Week Wrap up

I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Spring Fashion Week last week put on by the City of Melbourne.
You may have read about it on Hayley or Imelda's pages, but as I'm a little slow on the uptake and didn't get around to posting daily about the comings and goings, here is a wrap up and my takes on what will be hot in Melbourne for Spring.
I need to give a big shoutout to my photographer Marshall Dwyer, you can check out the rest of the parades on his website.

Beautiful, sensual, endless black. In a bid to make black 'new' and fresh for Spring, most of what was shown was gathered, pleated, ruffled in fabrics like chiffon and silk and was seen in almost every collection with Matichevski and Gail Sorronda sending out almost completely black collections.
In a city devoted to wearing black clothes I can see this going down a treat, further than Melbourne I'm not sure how well an abundance of noir will sell to people wanting a little floral pick me up to go with the weather.
Suffice to say I was in love with the theme and thought it was hilarious that Melbourne designers think this is how we should be dressing for the summer months, shrouded in swathes of black silk, but Melbournians will get this and take it up with gusto I'm sure.

Note Nicola Finetti's take on garbage bag chic, I wonder if he's been reading Lady Melbourne?

L-R: Nicola Finetti, Gail Sorronda, Nicola Finetti
Nicola Finetti, Gail Sorronda

Nautical, lady like, modern or romantic I picked up on this theme quite early on at the first parade of the week, The Luxe Collective.
Perhaps luxury conjures up ideas of minimalism or restrained glamour, what ever their reasoning so many of the designers included in this show had at least one outfit that was head to toe black and white.
Always fresh is my take, I can never tire of this classic combination no matter what the season happens to be.
L-R: Anna Thomas, Christine, Material By Product
L-R: Dhini, Anna Thomas, Dhini

So in case you haven't fallen asleep by now believing black and white is all on offer for Spring, there were some refreshing overtones of colourful lady like day dresses and jumpsuits.
L-R: Anna Thomas, Mad Cortes, Fleur Wood

Maticevksi, Dhini

Ruffles and Details
Really one my personal favourite themes and not one I admit that everyone will admire, but ruffles, plumage and detailing everywhere at the parades.
Christine Boutique showed us beutiful Sonia Rykiel feathered stoles and headware with Lanvin jewels, while Gail Sorronda showed us she is still top of her field with cut out heavily layered chiffon and beaded headpieces. Masterful, I loved it.

L-R: Christine

L-R: Gail Sorronda, Gail Sorronda, Dhini

Puff Sleeves
Don't own a puffy sleeve jacket? Now you know where to find them.

L-R: Maticevski, Jayson Brunsdon, Aurelio Costarella

Shopping Directory:


Aurelio Costarella

Jayson Brunsdon

Gail Sorronda


Anna Thomas

Material By Product

Mad Cortes

(03) 9654 2011
181 Flinders LaMelbourne VIC 3000

Nicola Finetti

Fleur Wood

Marshall Dwyer Photography



A dreamer said...

the black and white is so YOU!
oh and i'm loving Dhini and gail sorronda does the most amazing dresses in black & white.

so, in your opinion, what yum-cha's the best. my family loves to sample new yumcha restaurants. so far we've found that Sharkfin in chinatown is the best and dragonboat palace is 2nd while a place in box hill is not bad...

Penny said...

we all know about you and your sordid love for black and white!!

Julie said...

beaufiful shots! Oh, and I'm in love with your over-the-knee boots! They look so great on you. I can't wait to see how else you work them into your wardrobe.

Lisa said...

AH this is so LOVELY as I'm also a southern hemisphere lady !

thanks for such an inspirational post.


Anthea said...

I love the Dhini and the Nicolla Finetti dresses. Gorgeous. Beautiful post :)

The Clothes Horse said...

I am a sucker for ruffles and details...

Skye said...

Nicola Finetti was soooooo influenced by your garbage bag antics - I think you possibly deserve a cut of the profits (or would that be the people from Glad)?

Lots of Lady Melbourne-esque loveliness on those catwalks!

enc said...

The garbagebag-esque dress was alright, but nothing compared to what you can do.

Mo said...

aaaaaahhhhhhhh. an aussie!
let's be friends.
wanna link up?

Anonymous said...

These pieces are quite lovely - the black and white colour palette is right up your alley :D You must have been their muse!

susie_bubble said...

Thanks for the great round-up....

Siljesfashion said...

Love the puff sleeves!And you were so spot on about the garbage look, haha.

Cheryl Lynn said...

I simply love the blue Maticevski dress in the six set of pictures. It so reminds me of you, me Lady.

The last set of pictures with the pants and fancy jackets are stunning. This is a favorite look of mine (even though I have yet to wear it) I love to see others in it.

Fashion Tidbits said...

unbelievably gorgeous, gorgeous clothes.i am more surprised every day