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I love going to Harrods, it's so eccentric. Every room has a different feeling, like the architect was on acid when they designed the place.
'Put that giant golden sphinx there. Make that two of them! You heard me!'
Anyhow, I can't afford to shop there on the best of days, let alone with the Australian dollar the way it is at the moment, so I only picked up a few little mementos of my time there.
Stopped in and had a giant chocolate sundae at the ice cream bar on my way to buy some tea for Mother Melbourne and a box of my all time favourite chocolates, Marc Du Champagne Truffles from Charbonnel & Walker. If anyone knows of a place in Melbourne that sells them do let me know, otherwise I'll have to stock up while I'm here.

Then I popped into Zara on my way home and this little creature begged me to take them home:

Well, I couldn't refuse now could I?
p.s: I can't stand the quality of my pictures at the moment but there isn't much light to work with here, and I don't have my usual set up. I am looking forward to much clearer and better posed shots in the not too distant future!
p.p.s: I found these boots in a charity shop on my way home as well. I had a different pair on but decided to change into these for the picture, sharing is caring!
Rain coat: Zara(current season)
Beret: Grandmother Melbourne knitted it
Jeans: MK One
Boots: Local Charity shop
Scarf: Episode
Bag: Longchamp



this wheel's on fire said...

gorgeous outfit!!

Sabrina said...

That outfit looks so cute and cozy! I think we need a bit more eccentricity in terms of store design here in Vancouver. Everything is rather dull looking.

daywalker said...

love the boots! wish I could see the heel though.

Anonymous said...

awesome bag !! how much was it?

twee said...

Hello Melburnian.
I went throught all of your posts from your Hong Kong-Prague-Paris travel and totally loved every single thing you have bought.
I'm just on earth are you planning on getting all of your stuff back to Australia? I remember flying to Sydney with British Airways from London and the baggage allowance was 23 kg... Definitely not enough.

enc said...

Don't worry, the photos are lovely.

Your bag score is perfect.

karolina said...

Wow, that Zara bag is gorgeous... I love the unstructured structure of it hehe.

Those boots are spectacular too - my mum just told me that they were popular in Europe in the 80's.

When will you be back in Australia?


diamondsinchampagne said...

Ok first and foremost the scarf is gorgeous, the print looks beautiful and so do the colours.
Ahhhh Harrods, you described it in a way that painted a picture (I seriously thought it would look like any other department store).
That zara bag is gorgeous, I am hoping they open the zara in Bondi sometime soon (if its a rumour i will be devastated)

Tea said...

The truffles can be bought in david jones food court in a variety of colours perfectly suited to marie antoinette (thats why i love them!)

Dotti said...

I don't know what you mean about the picture quality, dear. They're as lovely as always. REALLY!

Anonymous said...

Wow you look so elegant here. I love the scarf you're wearing and Harrods sounds like a blast!

Marina said...

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Marina (from France)

Anonymous said...

Luck you! So much shopping! How much more can a gal take?!


a cat of impossible colour said...

This is such a gorgeous outfit, I love every part of it. :)

And Harrods is fantastic! Eccentric is a good word to describe it. To me it always feels like wandering through a rich and slightly mad person's private home.

Miles McClagan said...

I went to Harrods and on one floor landing was an opera singer, and a sign that the pets were stressed and needed a rest, on the next, they were playing Nickelback...

I went back to the Opera floor

Fashion Therapist said...

I'm drooling over those boots they're so cute!

elin from sweden said...

Do you work with fashion?

I love the scarf that you are wearing.

Sal said...

I hope you brought an extra suitcase for all the fabulous finds you've been racking up, beautiful!

Miss_Red said...

Lovely outfit! The scarf you're wearing is just gorgeous and I love both Longchamp and Zara bags in this post!

thevintageyear said...

You look like the most gorgeous doll in this outfit. I've mentally and physically saved a picture of this because I love it so much!

heartofpearl♥ said...

your picture clearness is quite fine :) i love the way you say mother melbourne and grandmother melbourne its so adorable hehe.

how lucky you are to have so many new things at once! love the scarf, you are looking amazing as always :)x

Songy said...

well your pictures are more than decent considering you're on the move!

Siljesfashion said...

Lovely outfit! Great shoes and new bag!

Louise said...

I do love your scarf tried that way, but then I'm an advocate of that. Also an advocate of going to beautiful and expensive places and buying food or coffee (or icecream sundaes) - feels like you spent some money there and lived the high life, but it's a coffee's no more that going down to Starbucks (if you're that way inclined, and I'm confident you're not)...

Anonymous said...

You look so cute and cosy and chic :) I love your red lip.

I adore scarves worn that way...which reminds me I need to ask you about vintage scarves when we catch up.

Harrods sounds beyond. So jealous!

Those truffles are faves of mine too ( DJ's choccie section has them) as is the Bvlgari Rose perfume. Great minds haha xxx

Zanita said...

hello lady melbourne!
You can buy those champagne truffles at david jones in sydney so perhaps they have them also in the one in melbourne. oh wait...someone has already mentioned that.
Well you can come home and try the assorted flavours!
Hope you have a nice flight home... im flying to london in january for work and i cant say im looking forward to the journey.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

SO so delicious. I love the packaging on those truffles too. That bag looks super soft and just perfect for everyday.

Petra said...

Gorgeous outfit!

The bag is beautiful also, i understand how you had to take it home with you!


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