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Home again, home again

Hello, anyone remember that couch?!

Look at that beautiful sunlight gentle readers, there is nothing quite like it! I have not seen sun like that for weeks, most probably since Hong Kong.
I am thrilled to be home, I've never been one for wallowing in self pity at the prospect of being back to 'reality,' most probably I suspect, because I have a warped sense of what reality is, but that's a topic for another blog all together.

This weekend I'll be covering the Way We Wear Vintage Fair at Williamstown Town Hall which is most exciting, as well as bringing you plenty of new stuff for the Etsy shop as well.
The mafia(my girlfriends, for new readers who aren't used to my code language yet!) have imposed a black, white or black & white ban for all new summer clothes. Things could get interesting as I try to break a habit of mine that has taken over my wardrobe for the last 5 years at the very least.
There is a new episode of Lady Melbourne TV ready for release, and I need to catch up with all my favourite Melbourne much to do.....

Jeans: MK One, London
Bag: Pierre Cardin, Camberwell Market
Jacket: Christian Dior, eBay
Ballet flats: Jadd, DJ's
Top: Peacocks, London
Jewellery: Chanel
Glasses: New release Le Specs
Belt: Camden Market, London



Too Many Shoes said...

Welcome home LM! Enjoy sleeping in your own bed tonight!

If you struggle to rise to the Mafia's challenge, perhaps they can be bought with chocolates perhaps or amazing accessories?

Too Many Shoes said...

ooh and I am desperate to attend the Way We Wear Vintage Fair!

Hopefully I can squeeze in some time on Sunday and all the good things aren't gone!

Miss_Red said...

welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing you rise to the challenge of limited black and white for summer, although they are staples for me as well.
Looking very chic, as usual :)

diamondsinchampagne said...

Welcome back home!!! :D
i adore your outfit (I sound like a broken record) but honestly i just love your style. It's so classic and feminine

Songy said...

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
I really enjoyed following your travels :)
I can't wait till I've finished school and saved up enough money to go travelling!
I'm a little envious to say the least!
Good luck with the no black/white challenge!

Alicia said...

Hooray! Welcome home LM!! Your regular posts have been missed tremendously!

Darhling said...

Dear Lady Melbourne

I have spent a good portion of my day here at work looking, oo-ing and aah-ing over your lovely blog! I simply adore it and I cannot wait to get home to read some more! I am going to Paris in the beginning of December, can you make a little list over must see places (Of course Chanel & Louboutin are a must) but places like where you got that darling light green ring?!

Lots of love from across the globe


Fashion Therapist said...

So jealous of your international travel, but am absolutely adoring those shoes!!!!

Maya said...

I love your flats. The entire look is well put. You have great style!
check out my blog :-) said...

I just came across your bolg and i think it's gorgeous!

I'm also quite jealous of you back home in beautiful melbourne... i'm still stuck here in grey old, busy, busy, busy london!


Always In Style said...

Love the outfit - tres chic, as usual!

janettaylor said...

Hi Lady Melbourne,

Lovely Dior jacket! Chic & classic outfit! Congratulation! :D

a cat of impossible colour said...

You look particularly elegant, even for you! :)

Charm said...

I never liked bows on anything, but then I bought a pair of shoes with bows on them and I fell in love. Your shoes are adorable. I like how your flats, the chain on your bag, your belt and your necklace all coordinate. Absolutely lovely.

Skye said...

Welcome back! And welcome back sofa too. Do you really have to limit the black and white, that seems like a cruel and unusual punishment to me.

katiecrackernuts said...

Welcome home. That's tough - a ban on black and white. Oh I wished I'd snapped a half decent pic of my black and white 1960s dress and dress jacket worn to a wedding last week. It's heaven, and the print never seems to date. Enjoy easing back into your home life. That first sip of tea, made at home and in a pot, is a real treat for me after ventures away. Enjoy the vintage fair. I've been to one here in Sydney. They're a mixed bag, but I did hear horror stories from stall holders - women who went to try on dresses and deliberately ripped hems or zips to con a discount from the stallholder. It happened in front of a friend of mine who was trawling stalls a few stalls down from me. Who would do that?

Rhiannon said...

You look so lovely (as always!), and I'm so excited for your post on the Vintage fair!

aphoony said...

its great to have you back lady m!

welcome home

heartofpearl♥ said...

mm Chanel:) i really like your jacket, it looks great on you and welcome home! i think we all missed your couch! x

Sal said...

No black and white? Gracious, this WILL be interesting.

enc said...

It's nice to have you home!

I love those perfed shoes. I bet they're nice and cool. They sure look cool.

un petit receso! said...

Hello LM.
I love that jacket :)

Kira Fashion said...

there is nothing like home, I am glad you are back :)

a kiss!

Cheryl Lynn said...

Hello, my Sweet LM. Happy that you had a wonderful trip. You look positively splendid in this ensemble. Young, fresh, and hip!

Thanks for stopping by, me Lady!
Kudos and Kisses

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Lady Melbourne! Glad to see you brought some beautiful treasures back with you! :)