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Dear black and gold, I love you.

I didn't realise how much black and gold I had in my wardrobe, until I was given the above dress and jacket to borrow. This is just a selection too, I had to edit down what to photograph!
I love yellow gold jewellery, I don't wear silver or platinum so it turns out I have an abundance of accessories as well.
I love, love, love it, I just can't get enough of it at the moment!
I almost bought a size 20 black and gold lame dress at Savers last week for the fabric, but for a reason that escapes me at the moment I put it back. I think I had a Savers fever or something.
Hope you are all shopping for your $10 gift bargain!
Bracelets: Hong Kong
Sequin Heels: eBay
Ring: Hong Kong
Dress: On loan from Miss Sian Darling
Gold Chain: Vintage Chanel
Black and white necklace: me!
Earrings: Op Shop
Skirt: Vintage Sportscraft, also on loan
Jacket: On loan
Pants: Cue
Corsage: me again!
T-shirt: Primark



janettaylor said...

Hi Lady Melbourne,

Lovely black and gold combination... Classic chic.

I adore your ring, Chanel chain, bracelets...
You are beautiful...

Have a great weekend!
xoxo: Janet

P said...

It's a nice combo - but it has been tainted by that cheapo supermarket brand that used to exist (or maybe still does?), you know, 'Black and Gold' cereal, hairspray, sugar, chocolate covered licorice, toothpaste, jam etc (they made a budget version of EVERYTHING!) Somehow, that association has robbed the black and gold combo of its glamour (for me, at least).

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Unfortunately gold jewellery does nothing for my complexion. I love silver jewellery but can't wear silver clothes because I'm too fair and the paleness washes me right out. It's a lose/lose situation!!
I have seen more black/gold accessories that I adore this season than I can poke a stick at. But I daren't buy any as they won't work in my wardrobe.
I will happily settle for admiring you in all your black and gold splendour! You really get it right every single time!

styledigger said...

I love the ring and the brancelets!

Anonymous said...

And I love you, LM! You're so incredibly stylish!

Siljesfashion said...

I love that combination. You have some very unique pieces, and I specially love the ring. Thank you for your kind words, I hope to feel better soon!

Fell4fashion said...

I LOVE the top pic with all the jewelry! SO beautiful!!!

enc said...

Your love affair with black and gold is well-known by now, Lady M!

The shoes are superb!

daywalker said...

lovely dress and stunning shoes :)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Black and Gold - Black and White's glitzy sister. Those shoes are truly amazing, I could see them making a pair of black silk house pajamas the perfect at home entertaining ensemble.

deep_in_vogue said...

love all of it..

un petit receso! said...

great accesories :)

Miss_Red said...

There's something so luxe about Black and Gold, despite the above mentioned connection with generic supermarket labels. I can seperate the two quite easily
I adore the vintage chanel gold chain and the all the bangles in the last pic.

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes! But for some reason I can't wear black and gold together very well..

Lot's of love

Penny said...

black white and gold jewellery always reminds me of chanel, so at least you have classy taste!!! x

Anonymous said...

Black, white and gold are colours which you manage to look stunning in on a continuous basis my dear.

It's nice to see a collective post about them. :D


amelia_styledownunder said...

i'm obsessed with that colour combo. i've picked up heaps of black and gold jewellery from some cheapie jewellery shops lately. you do black and gold so elegantly! xx

Too Many Shoes said...

Loving that beautiful ring LM. And those bangles you bought os - I am so jealous of them!

Lovely as always

xx TMS

The Paper Doll said...

You look beautiful, i'm a sliver/platinum kinda gal but you look simply radiant in yellow gold.

Anonymous said...

That colour combination was just made for you! You look so elegant and stylish :D

Anonymous said...

Ohh lots of spangle and bling for my magpie eyes! I do love sparkle :)

I especially love the ring and your vintage Chanel necklace. You wear it effortlessly. Remember the time we met up for tea in jeans? I was really impressed with the way you wore all your gold jewellery, it looked truly lovely.

I wish I could stick to either gold or silver/platinum. I buy both, including hardware on bags and shoes! and it used to give me angst. Now I've just succumbed to mixing at times and forgetting "rules". I tell myself I'm being modern!

I also love your eye makeup here. Very Audrey - I'm channeling her lots at the moment! :) xxx

Anonymous said...

Love that dress; so elegant my dear!

Take care,

Mademoiselle M.


Anonymous said...

you're so lovely m'dear!

I love black and gold together... it's so classy! I love this. my god, I want it all.


susie_bubble said...

I've only recently been turned on to the joys of black and all your combos...

Sal said...

Wow. You've curated a helluva black-and-gold collection, beautiful!

Yu said...

I love black and gold in my jewellery. Its also all very Biba.

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