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Queens of Vintage

I've been interviewed for the fabulous 'Queens of Vintage' website, a daily global glossy for vintage lovers.

It is such an honour and lovely to see fellow bloggers featured as well.

If you don't already know it, do check out their site, it is a fabulous way to learn more about vintage clothes.



janettaylor said...


Have a great weekend!


Karolina said...

Great interview. I really enjoyed reading it.

WendyB said...


Claudia said...

This is a wonderful interview. I love that you mentioned Elizabeth Taylor; she's one of my alltime favorite women.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Vintage Verve said...

Great interview LM. It is always nice to see recognition come to those who deserve it so.


xx VV

AnastasiaC said...

congrats!! off to have a read!
hey you had your haircut - looks lovely!

muchlove said...

congrats on the interview! And thanks for sharing about the website, I've never explored it before.

LoveMore said...

oh congrats and very well deserved!! you are one clever classy chic (ooo alliteration..ha)

thanks for your comment too! too kind you are!

happy valentines for yesterday, hope you had a special day :)

xx LM

daynacupcake said...

that's wonderful! congratulations. that really is a lovely honor.
and yes that is the blog you can follow me at :) i'm happy you're looking forward to reading my blog!
love, dayna

LexyB said...

Love your work ... most delightful

Patrizia simulacra said...

Courtney Love slips...ah memories. I used to scour thrift stores looking for the same thing. It is amazing how Courtney Love influenced so many people. Courtney has said herself that her look was inspired by Christina Amphlett, but I think Courtney did it with more elegance and grace. I have fond memories of wearing a vintage ball gown, white tights, heels, a tiara on my heavily bleached hair. Sorry LM I have gone off on my own tangent!

thevintageyear said...

Congratulations LM, they picked a lovely picture too!

Porcelain Blonde said...

Congratulations! :) xxx

JP said...

Hi LM,

I've noticed that you've named your comments 13 Lovely Thoughts, so I guess that leaves trifle room for anything more than fairy-floss comments from toadying, mousy girls.

Is that how you wish your blog to be? No cnstructive criticism? All confectionary?

Your blog is a strange entity, it seems as if it's a job application. Your posts are very self-conscious, all importuning loudly, please pick me! like some forgotten high schooler.

As for a vintage ambassador of Melbourne, there are many more who are very pioneering. Your vintage is so trend inspired--and derivative. EVERYONE imitated Courtney Love in the 90s! Op-shopping was certainly in vogue then.

You say you want to relay how one can create a unique style, however all the outfits you choose are defined by the acceptable demarcations of the current fashion world. Did you actually sport leggings in place of pants eight years ago when no-one thought it was trendy? Or wiggle dresses? or heeled 1920s brogues?

What I would like to see, LM, is a staunch exhibition of YOUR OWN style. You say you've always loved vintage, but ALL girls exhume clothes from op-shops. If you're to name yourself the Lady of Melbourne I'd like to see outfits that suggest you're not merely falling in with the de riguer fashion of the past two decades; outfits that suggest you understand what suits you, that you are innovative and do not take your cues from the fluxes of Hollywood revivalist films or the immediate fashion world.

To distill it, I'm asking for a sharply defined, truly unique, unashamed lady melbourne.


oniomania said...

great interview... and i love the new look to your page.

Paradis said...

Congratulations!! =) of Australian Open (I love this tournament)!!

LoveMore said...

oo award for you! one LM to another :)

xxx LM

Siljesfashion said...

Congrats! Lovely interview. Have a great sunday!

[Tara] said...

Congrats on the interview -- I've had a look at their site, and I think it's wonderful!

It's only a blog so chill said...

JP -

I understand where you are coming from but....

LM caters to a broad stream of readers and not to a specialized group such as hard core vintage. If LM went hard core vintage or was too obscure from mainstream fashion then her readership would be minimal.

We all copy our style of dress from others. None of us are truly unique. To be unique someone would have to design something which has never been seen before. And if someone were to wear this 'unique' type of outfit? They would be mocked resulting in them being out casted. Certainly not productive if you want people to read your blog.

LM's use of lovely thoughts can be seen on many other loggers pages. It gives a feeling of being welcomeness and not a preventative measure to thwart criticism.
Sure I get sick of all the sugary comments but it is only a blog.

LM is marketing herself like most bloggers are. The world of the blog can bring fame or infamy! is only a blog. LM is supplying the market with what people want. How can that be bad? She is playing a character and I think she plays Lady Melbourne admirably.

It's only a blog silly! said...

I forgot to write......JP if your blog is not receiving many hits, maybe you might need to modify he way you represent yourself? If you are that unique as your post suggests you are then maybe that is the problem.

Feather Fleurette said...

Oh thats so lovely!
im so happy for your sucsess! you deserve it, youre amazing!

Breathless said...


I love Queens of Vintage!

LilySatine said...

Congrats! I didn't know this, but sounds like a great website; your interview is lovely and very well deserved :)

madeleinemiranda said...

Hey, Congratulations mademoiselle!!!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth
JP and who ever else cares to read.

Pure vintage is a culture which in itself has various subcultures. A lot of these vintage wearers do so not so much out of love for modern trends but to assert themselves as not belonging to those trends. I think a few might actually love vintage fashions but for the rest it is a form of protest. It also affords the wearer with attention. I guareentee you that some hard core vintage wearers do so for the attention they reap.

Lady Melbourne defies all that I have written. She blends old with new and is quite unique for this. I live in an area where vintage is so over done that it is almost the dominant dress code. For me Lady Melbourne has a fresh approach to vintage.This is due to her wearing her vintage with modern pieces. The result is a style which cannot be defined or pigeon holed into a culture or sub-culture. Her look is fresh, sophisticated and so not dated. So many women wear pure vintage and look either like nanas or Beattie Page wannabes ( for the record, there was only one Beattie Page).

I like Lady Melbourne's approach and I definitely would not peruse her blog if she was pure vintage.

I live in Melbourne and I would dearly love to know who these vintage pioneers are. I hope they ae not part of a culture or subculture because then how can they even be compared to the lovely LM ( too sweet for ya?)?

LP LM is a breath of fresh air in a world which has become too old and stale ( yes pure vintage reminds me of stale bread) so suck it up buttercup, she is a winner