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The Librarian

I think I've mentioned before that I read a lot, time permitting a book a week. I devour magazines and have invested virtually the GDP of a small African nation in my habit over the years.
I know I'm not alone in this, there are blogs on my blog list devoted purely to magazines and their content.
Even though I talk about my books and magazines I don't think I show them enough, so I'm on a mission to start to photograph the piles that sit on surfaces all around the house.
Top to Bottom:
Chanel, Francois Baudot and Francoise Aveline, Assouline, 2003
Grace Kelly: A Life in Pictures, Pavillion Books, 2007
Hopper, Rolf G. Renner, Taschen, 2000
Jeff Wall, Craig Burnett, Tate, 2005
Illusive: Contemporary Illustration and its Context, 2nd Printing, 2006
Vintage Fashion, Carlton Books, 2006
Lula issue number eight
Lula issue number six
Chanel: Collections and Creations, Daniele Bott, Thames and Hudson, 2007
Hotel La Chapelle, David La Chapelle, Bulfinch Press, 2006
Country Road are having a sale at the moment, I picked up this silk shirt today for $79 which I thought was a nice little mid week bargain.
Skirt: Savers
Blouse: Country Road
Flats: New Look
Pearls: A little shop in London of no name, in an arcade
Corsage: Chanel

P.S- to answer some of your questions, yes I am attending fashion week and will be kicking around the shows, the docklands or the pop up events. See you there!



A dreamer said...

:D lovely prints. and CHANEL books!! of course you'd own a few.

brooke said...

amazing book collection! my fascination started when i won "the little black dress" by Valerie Steele when I renewed my vogue subscription... youve got a few of my wishlist items!

have fun at fashion week :)
Brooke xx

Rano said...

Hi LM! What do you think of "Chanel: Collections and Creations"? Is this book good or not?


Sal said...

The blouse is gorgeous. And I'm unsurprised to see multiple Chanel-themed books in that stack!

elena-lu said...

oh! yay i have some of those myself!
the last photo of you looking away but holding the glass with one hand and holding your pearls with the other (at least it seems that way) is brilliant! your photography (and modeling skills) is stunning!

HoneyBunny said...

You look fab! I love that shirt and the pearls..and the shoes as well:)))

And great books! I love books as well, but I don;t have too much time to read it;s like 2 books per month for me;)

Karolina said...

Very pretty and inspiring for the office.
I didn't see this blouse in the store I went to.

Anonymous said...

hello LM!
im a regular vistor 2 your fabulous blog!
i was just wondering.. how or where can i find copies of the 'lulu'mag in melb.. ? i am dying to get my hands on that magazine.. and i have been looking all over the place for it..

Lady Melbourne said...

Rano darling- definitely worth every penny, the pictures are fantastic.

Anon- Mag Nation on Elizabeth St has them, I bought mine when it first came out a couple of weeks ago so not sure how many copies they will have left but they can help you source it.

Anonymous said...

I really like that blouse! :)
And you also have a lovely blog of course!

Kitty M said...

Lady M loving the library chic blouse ... but even more so your pink and black tipped nails! Fab x