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And again.....

Ok folks, I don't usually do the same outfit two days in a row, but I am beginning to enjoy this little experiment.
I would normally shy well away(as in, the store wouldn't even get a look in if I saw it in the window) from loud colours and patterns like this, but strangely(perhaps due to shock) when I wore it today the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.
I took Kat George's advice and wore it with boots, kept the trench but lightened it with traditional Lady M black and white. Can I do it three days in a row? Hhhhmmmmm.....
From the bottom up:
Boots: Primark
Tights: Wicked by Kolotex
Skirt: Episode
Belt: Sportsgirl
Sweater: Sportsgirl
Cuff: Chanel
Dress/Coat: Patricia Fields for Myer
Trench: Zara



Sabrina said...

Wow, it makes a brilliant coat too!

Anonymous said...

To be honest when I first saw it I thought my screen was malfucntioning. I was all "WTF? Lady Melbourne doesn't wear colours! She's a black+white girl!"

That said, I really like it as a dress, but not so much as a trench.

The colour does suit you though :D


esme and the lane way said...

Wow, it looks so different like this. Still looking good! And I agree, green suits you.

Lady Melbourne said...

Oh, I forgot to add that I don't wear green, ever, because many years ago it was my school uniform colour and scarred me for life. Not since I left high school have I worn green, and that was, er, well let's just say I don't wear it!

Fashionology said...

wow you look great!!! <3

Dissolved Girl said...

I am in love with that dress and it looks fantastic on you. I really like the layering you did with it here.

Sal said...

I just adore you in that bright, colorful pattern. I'd LOVE to see if you can hit this outfit three days in a row ... if anyone can, it's you, doll!


hello my dear friend!!!

You look great in colors! I love Patricia Field and i have a dress from her store as well!

I do love your blog, you know?!

Kisses and hugs!

Juliana said...

This dress is just gorgeous! And the colors are perfect. Definetly a keeper.

♥akisalove♥ said...

I like the last pose the best! Just found your blog today~