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Is your label like Luella?Lady Melbourne needs you!

For the next issue of Fashion Journal I am working on a page for Spring trends. At the moment I'm working with a theme similar to what Luella showed for their S/S 2009 show.
FJ has a circulation of 35 000 nationally every issue with a demographic aimed at 16-25 year olds.

If you think your label fits with the theme, send me a little email and I will duly reply with a product call out email with what is required.

Australian labels are preferred please!

I'm thinking gloves, netting, Chanel style jackets(hello!), shorts, chunky heels, anything black, lilac, orange or neutral. Nice big chunky beads, the pictures should say it all!
Muchos grazias friends!



Anonymous said...

Hmm my fw 09 collection( was quite Luella/Marc Jacobs/Alice in Wonderland with lots of netting but I never made any of it :(


eCRAFTic said...

Hello Lady!

You've said nothing explicit about accessories, and I'm right at the Antipodes but my baroque collection will suit nicely. Tell me what you think,
regards from Spain!

Penny said...

i love luella so much, i just wish i could afford it!!

JoolzGirl said...

Hey, just a thought or two - have you checked out Cyan Reign's latest collection? Kind of French-revolution inspired. Very cool. Miss Unkon's is great too, 'portrait of a lady' style.
Cheers :)

little rich poor girl said...

Ahh i'm SOSO very glad you've posted this, you don't understand how much i LOVE Luella - and i'm sure you do too! But i'd reaaallllyy like to see the outcome of this, because i'm just going to have to burn another hole in my pocket if anything is orange with netting :)



FashionConsciou$ said...

Love Luella - all of these outfits are just beautiful and tie in superbly with my latest post: prim & proper - :)

Keep up with the great work - and good luck with FS :)

danielledelamont said...

Hmm, I am thinking of Moss & Spy's Autumn/Winter collection and some of Alannah Hill's pieces...