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Book Club

Are you guys in a book club? I am and I really enjoy it. I love books, magazines, newspapers- hell I read my junk mail cover to cover.

I read a lot as a child and distinctly remember the MS Read-A-Thon at primary(elementary) school. It was a program to raise money for multiple sclerosis where you were sponsored by kindly family members and neighbours(actually, anyone willing to give a seven year old money) to read as many books as possible in a designated period of time.

Forget sports, it was a mission for me, I loved the challenge and looked forward to it every year.
In other house keeping news, Nuff Nang are holding their Asia Pacific Blog Awards and I would love it if you nominated me!

It may just send me to Singapore if I make it to the finals, but it could also send you there as well all expenses paid just for nominating. Get typing!



Danielle de la Mont said...

I did the MS readathon but I didn't know many people so I read 136 books and earned $30 lol.

God Made Me fuNky said...

Just put in you nomination. good luck with the contest.

Suzanne said...

love the belt :)!

CHICMUSE said...



Bucca said...

Oh I used to do the read-a-thon too.
Yes I've recently joined a book club actuall very enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

I did the read-a-thon and the premiere's reading challenge ahah.

Nominated you, nominate me back?


peacetoall said...

I'm in a book club- its brilliant. Great motivator and you discover books you might not otherwise have picked up..

josephine said...

i was just recently reminiscing about the ms readathon - i used to do it every year! also, i thought i was the only one who liked reading junk mail cover to cover, hehe.

Miss Patrice said...

I perceive your request as being very presumptuous. You lure the reader with something which may ignite a memory. This memory then involves a commonality with yourself. A reader could then be seduced to vote for you.
Why not just be upfront and ask straight out for a vote? At least you're being honest.

You start of your blog about the MS-read-a-thon then go directly to a 'vote for me,' with no interconnection?