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How do you do....

Over dinner the other night, I got talking with a male friend of mine on the topic of shaking hands when you meet.
He was quite insistent that a firm handshake was essential in making an overall first impression when you meet someone.
Perhaps this is more true for a man than a woman(any males care to share?) because I tend to subscribe to 'The Penguin Book of Etiquette' by Marion Von Adlerstein when it comes to the handshake:
'According to tradition, a man should wait until a woman extends her hand before he does. That is obsolete now. It is courteous for either, or both, to hold out a hand unless a woman is introduced to a man whose religious faith prohibits him from touching a women.'

According to tradition, I suppose it puts me in a position where I can choose whether or not I want to shake a persons hand, where as I feel with men it is obligatory.
What we did agree on however, is that a weak, insipid handshake is a definite no-no.
Air kisses anyone?

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Bucca said...

Ther eare so many variables but I tend to stick to a polite inclination of the head with a smile when I do not wish to shake hands.

Although sometimes I lean in for the hug and the air kiss - it depends largely on the person who does the introcutions and their relationship with both persons in my eyes.

Rosie Unknown said...

I love the coral nail polish with the black and white combo!

jessica said...

here in the US (though i am not speaking for all americans..), we shake hands a lot. i mean, a lot a lot. but this usually only occurs between a man and a woman. when a woman to woman introduction happens, we usually smile/wave but no touching of any sort occurs. my theory behind this is that american women do not trust each other. funny, no? but i have to agree that it largely deals with the situation. i prefer the smile/peace sign gesture, personally.


Breeahna said...

Dead fish handshake = easiest way to lose my respect in 2 seconds flat!

Anonymous said...

We had training on this recently for work. Yes, I am serious. It was so uncomfortable, because I HATE shaking hands - I know that it is proper and everything, and especially in a corproate environment it is a part of daily life; but it makes me feel incredibly self concious. I don't know why.

I am so opposed that I tend to make sure I am carrying things at all times when I'm walking into meetings, to avoid the shake as best I can.

Whatever you have been doing with your hair lately, keep it up! It looks amazing.


Ruby said...

Oh Lord, I must be a bit uncouth, I wouldn't have a clue with these things- I do think handshaking is more of a male thing, in Australia anyway.

You seem in a pensive mood the print on this dress and the fab coral nails!

Anonymous said...

I could be because I'm 15 but I am so bad at shaking hands. I try and go for a firm hand shake but then I forget to look them in the eye, and vice versa. They should teach this at school over 'solving quadratic equations'

Love the dress and the lighting.


Suzanne said...

amazing dress!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

i dont like shaking hands at all. just a hi and smile is gd for me :) x

Sal said...

My favorite commentary on handshakes comes from Eddie Izzard. HILARIOUS.

svenskaussie said...

As a professional I shake hands a lot, wet fish handshakes are the worst, I immediately form a poor opinion of the person if their handshake is pathetic. As for air kisses, never! who the heck invented that in the first place, it's so fake. If you know the person really well then give them a proper hug and a kiss on the cheek otherwise stick to a decent handshake.

LoveMore said...

wow the lighting looks AWESOME hon! and love the dress - you always look so "chic" - overused term I KNOW but with you it is true I say! :)

xxx bel

Kat said...

You look lovely in the black dress! Nice blog.

Connie said...

I'm so glad you're still enjoying the dress. You look absolutely smashing !

I hope your friends visit my eBay store. I'm always adding more unique vintage.

"we're teaching old clothes new tricks"

Joli said...

I hate the hand shake. There is always that person who has to squish your hand into submission. Thank god I now live in a country that does cheek kissing instead.