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Nuff Nang are a blogging network that deal with advertising and support specifically for bloggers, by bloggers. Super Kawaii Mama, Karen Cheng and myself are just some of the Australian bloggers involved with Nuff Nang.

With the launch of their new website they have 'Challenge 1000,' a quest to add another 200 bloggers to their 800 strong blogging network.

Signing up as part of 'Challenge 1000' will earn you a lovely little gift pack as well full of goodies from Leggos, John West, Redken, Coles, and Spring Valley.
I joined the Nuff Nang family a while back now and things have been going so well they've asked me to contribute a weekly tips and tricks column.
You my dears are going to see the first installment here, but hop on over to their site to check it out as well.
  • How to pose in self portraits
  • Working your best angle

  • Make the most of natural light

  • Make your camera work for you

Do you remember the time before digital cameras were born, when you’d get your 24 pack of photos back from the chemist and cringe at the squinted eyes, double chin or just plain incriminating photos?
A distant memory for most these days with the rise and rise of the digital camera. It is almost impossible to take a bad photo on one- if you don’t like it, simply hit trash.
But our ability to edit out unsightly photos of ourselves before they have been downloaded does not solve the problem of posing itself.
Posing for photos is something that takes practice and patience, but I’m here to tell you that it can be much easier than you think.

What a Poser!
How to actually stand, or sit so that it looks flattering might seem like a simple task but there are a couple of things you can do that will enable you to take less pictures, of better quality.
Repeat after me:

  • Sitting towards the edge of your seat, chair or sofa will not flatten your thighs and make them seem slimmer.
  • Up, up, up! Stand up straight, sit up straight and pull your shoulders back.
  • If you are standing, turn you body to the side or position yourself on an angle facing the camera.
  • Profile shots are always more interesting than front on.
  • Don’t be afraid of extreme close ups, they make for interesting pictures
Your best side
It’s a personal thing knowing what side of your face or what angle you like to be shot from. The more photos you take of yourself, you will no doubt see a trend in the ones you choose to post.
I like my right side, when I’m tired my left eye gets a bit sleepy so I pose myself with my right side facing the camera all the time.
If you are starting to notice a trend in the photos, recognise what angle or side it is you naturally look best in and use that pose for future photos.

Let the Light In
Basically, the better the light source, the better your photos will be. It’s that simple.
Photos taken with flash are generally never flattering, blowing out colours and distorting features. Unless you are a photographic pro, I would avoid taking your pictures after dark.
Get outside, in direct sunlight, dawn is going to be your best source of natural light while the sun is still high in the sky.
Pose yourself with the sunlight hitting your face and make sure that the camera is not pointing towards the sun.

Work your Camera

  • If you are blessed with a camera that has a built in timer- use it.
  • Get a tripod so that you can be mobile with your camera and don’t have to precariously balance it on the kitchen sink or bedside table.
  • Start taking your photos with a wide shot, and then zoom in gradually to take your close ups.

I hope these basic tips will help improve your photos, as the weeks go by I’ll be offering more advanced tips on photography, as well as formatting, writing and themes amongst many other things!
If you have a topic you would like covered, simply send me an e-mail and I’ll do my best to cover it off.



Corinna said...

your article is really helpful, great!

Sal said...

Truly fabulous tips, LM! I am lucky enough to have a hubby who does my shots, but we still follow these rules.

Darrah said...

You're the perfect person to go to for portrait tips. I love them. This sounds like a great site. They just help you advertise yourself more? I'm not quite sure I get the edge.

Anonymous said...

awsome tips! love your belt ;)

MissRedLips said...

i really enjoyed this post. great tips! thank you! and also thanks for sharing about nuff nang. i will definitely check that out.

AMIT said...

The one in the pic really good.

Aubade lingerie

Annie said...

What a name. Niffnang. Reminds me of on the ning nang nong by Spike Milligan. Not sure if Australians are familliar with him, but hey.

Anonymous said...

great tips! I remember sometime ago I spent a whole day 'finding my side' and now I don't remember which side it was ahah!

I always try and take my photos between 7-10 in the morning, that's when light just floods my sewing room.


Rosie Unknown said...

Great tips! I always try and make sure that the sun is either hitting me face on, or slightly to my side.

FriendInFashion said...

Some great tips - thanks!

Kruppy said...

Thanks for the mention LM! And very useful tips :)

Kruppy (Nuffnang)

Peaches and Cream said...

What a great post! Thanks for all the tips, I am new to photoshoots so I will be taking alot of them onboard :-)
And I do know the ning nang nong Annie!

doreenmon said...

thanks for the generous tips!

you do take a fine photo...

Darrah said...

I just wanted to let you know that I linked you on my blog. I'm trying to get my favorite fashion bloggers to write about their thoughts on the future of fashion journalism. I'm giving out "Fashion for Thought" awards to the bloggers that follow through. Thanks!!

Porcelain Blonde said...

Hello beautiful LM! :)

I love how your hair is looking these days, just gorgeous, as is your blog...loving all the poses ;)

Great tips for photos - now if only I would apply myself and follow them *blushes shamefully*

xxx ps did you love Coco Avant Chanel?! Can't wait for The Sept Issue now...

Anonymous said...

Great post - some very handy tips in there!

Anonymous said...

hi! was wondering if you could do a post on flea markets/ thrift shops in melbourne (: