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Time for tea.

I realised that I haven't taken a photo in front of this wall for ages today, even though the decal is in my hall and I walk past it, er, everyday.
I bought them at Ikea about a year ago in the picture and frame department, they came on a flat piece of cardboard and I have no idea whether Ikea still has them. I think they're really neat.

This is a Fletcher Jones skirt that belonged to Mother Melbourne when she was my age. It's pure wool and looks as new as the day she bought it. They certainly don't make clothes these days like they did at Fletcher Jones.
If you can get your hands on a copy, last year on Australian TV 'The Fabric of a Dream,' screened which is a documentary about Sir Fletcher Jones and how he started the label.
I found a little snippet here.



pipalachic said...

Wow that's amazing your mum kept that skirt and now you can wear it! Your top is beautiful as well. I am a big fan of your blog!

Rosie Unknown said...

You look amazing, and this picture fits the outfit beautifully!

Skye said...

I think my mother-in-law has vast fleets of Fletcher Jones lurking in her wardrobe. My own mother was not the Fletcher Jones type, so bequeathed me not much beyond a few batik mini skirts and such!

Alexandra said...

I love your wall!
The skirt looks amazing.

Moon said...

your wall are amazing!! love'em!!

and I love the little story behind the skirt, it's just warm with motherhood.


peacetoall said...

So elegant and refined sipping on your tea. I love the tea cup.

And the skirt is so unique, v beautiful pattern.

Darrah said...

It makes me so sad that they don't make clothes like they used to. I don't think Forever-21 will even last long enough to be considered vintage one day. Great outfit! (As always)

Aimee said...

>>They certainly don't make clothes these days like they did at Fletcher Jones.>>
Just after that FJ doco first aired I was in an op shop at Aireys Inlet and the old lady volunteers there were saying exactly the same thing. One of them suggested that that was why the business stopped doing well - all the people who like the FJ style were still wearing the clothes they bought decades ago because they still looked brand new!

Danielle de la Mont said...

I thrifted a Fletcher Jones skirt last year I adored and was perfectly preserved, and then I learnt I was allergic to wool! Being a Queenslander I'd never worn any was an educational experience I suppose, at least I only paid $4 :)

Meldee said...

Dear Lady M,

Love the outfit, and the wall! I got terribly overexcited when I saw the Ikea thingamabobs and bought two of them for RM50 (about AU$15 or 16?). Think they've phased them out though, which is a pity cos they're lovely!