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Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Day 3

Yesterdays review of the Designer Series show 1 was up on The Vine which I twittered about but today's review is here for your viewing pleasure.

If the kick off show of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week was all about taking us back to nature, last nights Designer Series 2 parade at Melbourne town hall bought us back to what Melbourne does best: black.
Featuring Dhini, Ginger & Smart, Gorman, Kirrily Johnston, LIFEwithBIRD and Nicola Finetti the collections swung from rainbow bright with splashes of colour, to black, black and more black.
Dhini’s models positively marched down the catwalk in military inspired outfits, combining toy soldier cuteness with fierce tailoring and strong colours.

If it wasn’t tight it was big, with statement jackets, strong shoulders in a nod to Balmain’s 09 winter campaign but mainly wearable clothes that will no doubt be snapped up the minute they hit the shops.

LIFEwithBIRD was all about legs, so if your pins are looking less than colt like may I suggest you hop to the gym pronto or miss their collection entirely.
Jumpsuits, playsuits, shorts and mini skirts were LIFEwithBIRDS vision for spring, coupled with deconstructed layers and hints of leopard print.
Although one of the models toppled off her pedestal like Peep Toe Shoes to the audible gasps of the audience, she managed to get back up and prove that even if you can’t walk in them,
heels + playsuit = sexy.

GORMAN bought the show back to the rainbow bright theme with ruffles, soft billowing dresses and multicoloured skirts and tights.
Ethnic inspired black dresses wove the collection together with what were possibly the most wearable shoes seen all night coming in with a heel under 10cm.
GINGER & SMART showed a small but tight collection of safe and wearable clothes, in soft silk, billowing black and multicoloured prints all set off with killer heels.
Kaftans, harem pants (yes they are here to stay) and tunic dresses were so expertly tailored that there wasn’t a hint of ‘potato sack’ in sight but rather effortless easy clothes.

NICOLA FINETTI showed us that yes we love black in Melbourne and yes, we can make it new again.
Bringing out models in pairs, the entirely black collection was tailored with precision, proving once again that he is a master of construction.
Just when I thought all he had to offer was little black dresses, models wafted down the catwalk in neutral and cream chiffon with silk taffeta so fine if looked like gauze.

Capping off the show was KIRRILY JOHNSTON’s collection that perhaps had the show stopping moment of the night- men in leggings.
If you were curious about when the leggings-as-pants-phenomenon was going to end the answer is not any time soon. If they’ve jumped the fence from women’s to men’s trends then I believe its official they are here to stay.
Having said that, her soft draping, multi layered collection was wearable and with big lashings of black and tan it will no doubt be a hit with Melburnians alike.
Melbourne Spring Fashion is a retail event, so I suggest you put multicoloured, rainbow print on your shopping list, just don't forget the black.

And now for the party shots!

Carlos from Melbourne Street Fashion and Natalie Bird

Lady M with Helen, editor of Sassy Bella

Fraser Campbell and Aaron Jones

Mark Pace from Joy FM, Dean Drieberg, Philip Boon and Bryan Boy




Apple Daisy Girl said...

I was there :) we booked the tickets to late so we were on the balcony but we saw that girl walking down the runway and where saying don't fall over but she did and I felt really sorry for her :( love what your wearing.

xx. A

Rosie Unknown said...

Oh, I love the collections, they are so brilliant!

Love the party shots, they are great!

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

Suzanne said...

great stuff in between! especially the green pants and jacket.

Darrah said...

Wow... I love it all!! I can't believe you put this on! I'd love to hear more about the designers and interview them for my blog. Their designs were lovely, and I'd wear it all!

FashionAddict said...

You look lovely, as always! Looks like a lot of fun, too.

Amie Mai said...

ooh that lifewithbird jacket is just delicious! :)
thanks for the recap!

xx amie

Porcelain Blonde said...

Love the end pic of you, "on the row" ;)
You look gorgeous as does your chic outfit. No doubt you stood out!

Enjoy the madness...are you Nana napping yet?! Ohh, and please update my link when you get a spare second <3 xxx

Helen said...

Was lovely to meet you last night! Hope we run into you before the week's over. x

Original Sophie said...

Wonderful post, I love Kirrily Johnston! You look fabulous too and I love the guy's outfits- it's always so great to see fashion forward guys (especially when you live in Tasmania)!

peacetoall said...

Thanks for this front row report- v. comprehensive and the pics are great.

MISS BANG said...

wish i was there - but thanks for the pics! =D