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The Royal Melbourne Show and Lady Melbourne

It only took a minute or so, but Quentin and I were the best of friends.....
Kewpie dolls galore....reminded me of my childhood so much, I couldn't believe they were still being sold!
Hanging out in at the Country Women's Association Pavilion eating scones and cream.
Here are just a few happy snaps from my big day out, tomorrows post will include more detailed photos and a run down. Now I'm off to bed, it was just exhausting!



Suzanne said...

cute blouse :)

Traytable said...

The CWA tent is always the best for yummy things!

I'm not sure what happened to me as a kid, but Kewpie dolls ALWAYS give me the absolute creeps. I remember my sister having one that looked evil, maybe that's why. All the others have been tarred with the same brush!

I had some pictures from a carnival in Nice, but I lost the camera card :( Thanks for posting these!

eunice said...

that ride seems quite scary from great height! :D nice view

Anonymous said...

I am so so so sorry that we did not get a chance to catch up over the weekend, and I'm also shocked by the very different experiences we seem to have had at the show. You make it look fun! I had a relatively horrible time there.

These photos (and Quentin) are beautiful.


Lady Melbourne said...


Suzanne- It is super cute isn't it?! I bought it second hand and was going to sell it at the next Round She Goes but I think it might just be staying in my wardrobe!

Tray Table- I think you either love them or hate them?! My mother loved them as a child so I think it was passed onto me. I can totally see why some people would think they are creepy. I think it's the eyes....;)

Eunice- believe me I went on it and it was scary and much higher than it looks!

Grant- oh no!! I'm sorry we missed each other and I am sorry that you didn't enjoy TRMS. Maybe you needed Lady M there show you a nanna good time?!


katiecrackernuts said...

I had no idea kewpie dolls were still around either. They look great as a group.

Rosie Unknown said...

Wow, gorgeous photos!

I love your sunglasses, by the way.

Miri said...

I love the show! I hope you managed to get yourself a showbag of some sort hehehe!

svenskaussie said...

OMG yes yes I remember those kewpie dolls on sticks at the annual shows in Townsville when I was a kid, I had forgotten all about them. Thank you for putting a nostalgic smile on my face LM. Great outfit by the way !

Poppy said...

It looks like a fantastic day out! I wont be able to get to the show this year, thanks so much for sharing!

Poppy said...

It looks like a fantastic day out! I wont be able to get to the show this year, thanks so much for sharing!

Patty Ann said...

the fairy dolls!!!
love your pics
you capture all the simple pleasures of a day out!

Fashion Tidbits said...

mmmmmmm... scones. they sound like heaven!

Little Bo Peeep said...

aah so thats what the royal melbourne show is! i've always wondered what it is. the third picture is my fav pic, just 'cause it says food!

your blouse is incredibly adorable!

Faridah said...

Lovely photos. Those beagles made my day! x