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Hi mum, I kinda won!

Wow, here I am at an internet cafe in Singapore, finally getting to my blog after a whirlwind 24 hours. There is no internet in my room at the hotel(just my room, how ironic for a blogger but they assure me they are working on it!) so I'm here with a whole lot of teenage boys playing Lan games and updating the blog.

But the biggest news so far is that last night I won 'Best Fashion Blog' in the Asia Pacific region at Nuff Nang's annual blog awards. That's right mum, I won!

The awards are judged by journalists, celebrities and the Nuff Nang directors, the score is then combined with reader votes.
So I truly have you guys to thank for getting me here!

I was up against some very stiff competition- Bryan Boy, Monoxious, Fashion Nation and Super Kawaii Mama- and I truly thought that in that company, it was nice to be included but a win was out of the question.

When they called my name I was fossicking through my bag looking for my lip gloss, and my dear friend Lois Lane who is travelling with me had to save me from falling off my seat.

I managed to hold it together for the acceptance speech that was completely impromptu as I had prepared nothing.

I kept it short, but as the blog is a nice little platform for self publishing(!), please bare with me while I say everything I have since thought of but was too shocked to even process last night.

Long time readers will know who most of the people that I refer to are, but if you are a new reader not all my family and friends like the lime light so they have nice little code names. Here goes.

I started the blog 3 years ago as a wardrobe look book and street style photography blog because I believed that Melbourne had plenty of style that the world just hadn't seen yet. I'd lived in London and Sydney and came home to Melbourne with big ideas and a very little audience.
I would like to thank Mother and Father Melbourne for reading the blog when no one else did, and for encouraging me to pursue something that to a lot of people is quite foreign....'You write a blog? Is that like myspace?!'

I am lucky to have a family that is supportive and loving and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Brother Melbourne who is in London and was convinced I was going to win- yes, I should have written all this down! Thank you for believing that I could make this happen.

His Lordship, well you put up with very late nights listening to me tap away, constant photography and incessant phone use. Anyone that can survive living with a blogger deserves an award and I share this with you. I love you!

Ok, ok, so if you are still reading and haven't puked yet, here is my little tribute to you, the reader.

When you start a blog you wonder if anyone is going to actually read it, and I know that I was addicted to my google analytics for a long time, watching it crawl from mum and I reading it to maybe 50 people a day to what it is now.

I have worked on the blog almost every day for the last three years in the hope that you will come back and read what I have to say and enjoy the pictures. Blogs are about community and I couldn't ask for a better or more supportive community than that of Lady Melbourne readers.

Your comments, emails and the fact that you blag off work on a Friday afternoon(yes, my analytics tell me that!) to drop by has meant that I have this award today.

It is impossible for me to thank you individually with hugs or a cocktail, all I can promise is that I will keep on taking photos, posting about Melbourne and generally trying to create something fun for you to read.
Thank you to Imelda for support from the very beginning, your skirt lifting ways have helped the blog in more ways than one!

Lois Lane who is my travelling partner on this trip- I simply could not have gotten through the last few days without you. x

That's it, enjoy the photos and I look forward to many more years of blogging with you guys ahead!

Lady Melbourne and Erica Bartel from G.W.A.S nominated for 'Best Entertainment Blog.'

Lady Melbourne and Ming Shen, founder of Nuff Nang.



Tara said...

Congratulations Lady M! Yours is one of my favourite blogs & I think it is a very deserving win! Hooray! x

Elly + Yin said...

@o@ gasp* but ^_^ wow! Congrats my lady! You looked fab & did us proud!

Audrey Hepburn was your inspiration for the night?

I love my google analytics too but at the moment is looking very sad.


Andi B. Goode said...

Wow! Congrats. =D
-Andi x

Annie said...


♥akisa♥ said...

Congrats!! Wow.. you've been at it for 3 years.. it's very encouraging to see what the future holds for blogging! I'm only in month 5!

J said...


B. said...

WOW!! Congrats!!!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

congratulations LM! we are all so prouddd and you look absolutely beautiful. you really deserve this, you provide so much entertainment and fun to worldwide readers! but i love that you love our city so much! i think that's why you have so many loyal readers too :) have a great time there!! x

Ms. Bloom said...

You look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Loving the bling!

K.Line said...

Congrats! What a great award. And what terrific competition you were in...

ryder said...

congratulations and oh my how gorgeous you look!!!!! fantastic up-do! cheers!

Lyon said...

So you've managed to find an internet cafe :D Congrats again for winning, Phoebe! It's been great to know you here in Singapore!


Mizzsharon said...

The trophy look Oh-So-Posh.
Great experience too yea? =)

Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Congrads to you Miss Melbourne!!! You truly do deserve to be the winner!

Fabulous Finds Gal


Can I say that I knew it, well it's a little bit preposterous... besides the fact that being located in Paris I couldnt't vote! Could I? Does it mean I'm totally dummy! Anyway congrats!!! I'm very pleased for you, you're one of the foreign blogs I keep on reading regularly and you're one of the first bloggers who kindly added me on her blogroll. Cheers Lady!!!

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

I love your blog, and think this award is so muchly deserved!

I bet you're glad you pulled out your Karl dress for the win. You looked stunning. x

Brumby said...

Congratulations Lady M, a very well deserved win. Without any disrespect to the other bloggers may I suggest that it is the personal touch you put into your blog that makes us all love it so much. Posts that you write, and not recycled images from other peoples collections/products which sets you apart from the rest, and what gains our respect.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! The award was VERY well deserved.
You are an inspiration to young bloggers like me, keep up the fantastic work.


genna campton said...

Nice work Lady! You really do deserve it. All the best.xx

White Tea & Wild Horses said...

Ahh! Congratulations! That is so exciting and SO well deserved :)

You look gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations - you deserve it!! ♥

harbourmaster said...

Lady Melbourne, you look beautiful. You so didn't need a back up for that outfit!

Congratulations on the win, how exciting!

harbourmaster said...

Lady Melbourne, you look beautiful. You so didn't need a back up for that outfit!

Congratulations on the win, how exciting!

lulki said...

well done LM!!!! how very very exciting, cant wait to celebrate when you get back :) xxxxx

josephine said...

many congratulations Lady M - well deserved x

jess said...

Hi Lady Melbourne,

Congratulations on your award!

I remember reading your blog after it was mentioned on Karen Cheng's blog and it was also around that time when I was preparing for a trip to Melbourne with my boyfriend. All the stores you mentioned helped me on my Melbourne shopping tour and since then, I've kept coming back for more =P I can't get enough of Lady Melbourne's style that is =)

Might be returning to Melbourne in February! Can't get enough of Melbourne either!

Sweet Pea said...

Congratulations!! Yours is one of my favourite blogs to read. Your photography is superb and it shows that you put a lot of effort and thought into making a visually stunning blog.
Well done on your win, it's well deserved! xxx

Danny said...

Congratulations Lady Melbourne
I just knew you were going to win. Now can we please have a big display of any purhases ala your trip to Hong Kong and Europe. Thanks x

Meldee said...

Felicitations to you Lady M! Am glad indeed that you won :) Hope you had a lovely time in Singapore.

Kyles said...

Congrats! You deserve it.

Louise said...

Many congratulations ... and LOVE your shoes.

Lomi said...

Congratulations!!! I'm very happy that you won the prize - you deserve it!

Imelda Matt - The Despotic Queen of Shoes said...

You make it easy for Imelda to love you the most what with you being 'so easy on the eyes and all'...again and again and again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Rosie Unknown said...

Super, duper, mega congratulations! You really do deserve it!

You look gorgeous, I love the hair style!

Lizzie said...

Congrats! Hope the rest of your time in Singapore is fantastic.

Turtle said...

Congratulations!!! Well deserved. xox

Swee San said...


LoveMore said...

OH MY GOODNESS! CONGRATS! you TOTALLY deserved the win! very happy for you miss. all the best for LM and the future!

love the OTHER LM :)

xx BEL



Oh my God!
Congratulations!!! You deserve it because your work is so great and special!!
All my love for you,


Porcelain Blonde said...

Congratulations! *does a little dance* Yay for you! :)

I'm back from hols, and slowly catching up on your blog from the top down (yes, I know!) and here you are having your Oscar moment ;)

I hope you're still revelling in your well deserved success. It must be so lovely to see your hard work pay off and be acknowledged by your peers.

BTW, you're totally giving a young Liz Taylor with that hair and makeup - divine! <3 xxx