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Just taking a break from shopping Singapore style...

I promise you there are plenty of shopping bags under the table!


p.s- it's so hard being away but thank you so much for your well wishes and support for the award. It really means so much!



Apple Daisy Girl said...

i read your last post, i'm so happy you won :) i voted for you and you are the best :) hope your having fun.

xx. A

treble said...

Hi, I'm a reader from Singapore! congratulations! and welcome to Singapore!

Madeleine Miranda said...

Amazing, and CONGRATULATIONS on the award! I wish you the very best!

Rosie Unknown said...

You lucky, lucky thing! I love your sunglasses, btw.

adecco said...

You really must have s fun time shopping in Singapore. Hope you can show us what’s inside those shopping bags under your table.

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Compare said...

I hope you had a great time shopping in Singapore.

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PrettyYoungThing said...

Such pretty pics! Those sunnies are gorgeous! Glad your having a good time in Singapore :)

Little Mustard Seeds said...

OMG you are in my hometown!! I so miss shopping at Bugis Street and Far east Plaza at Orchard road!! Hope to go back home soon.. love your lavender dress! Where did you get it??