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Welcome to (fr)ocktober!

Dress: Vivien of Holloway

Hi guys and gals, welcome to the first day of Frocktober!

I've twittered and posted about my efforts to raise awareness and hopefully some dollars for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation in October.

I'll be wearing a dress every single day in October and with your sponsorship hope to contribute to a worthy cause.

For more details about the project you can check this post out, or if you want to donate just slide on over to the right side of the page and follow the link to paypal.

To help get me through a dress a day this month, I've already got some fantastic Aussie talent on board in the likes of:

Leona Edmiston

Lady Petrova

Poppet Vintage

Kinki Gerlinki

and many more! If you would like to donate or lend a dress for Lady Melbourne to wear in aid of Frocktober send an email to with your details.



Jay said...

Everything about this photo is so gorgeous. The sort you print off and send to mum for Christmas!


Great! What an enjoyable way to raise money! ...I may participate!

Poppy said...

What a fantastic photo, everything looks so joyous. It's a great idea to raise money and awareness.

The Sequin Cat said...

And what a pretty one it is!

Happy frocktober, LM xx

Anonymous said...

That photo is spectacular, very spring. I just realised I'll probably be unofficially participating in Frocktober anyway. I wear dresses most of the time and during school i'll be wearing my school dress!


Matilda said...

Snap! I have that VoH too!
Plus, I'm also likely to be participating! I rarely wear any thing else, ooh, except pyjamas!

Loving the blog by the way!


Cotton Socks said...

good luck with frocktober lady melb !

Suzanne said...

lovely :)

RetroJetGirl said...

Hi there! I'm an old reader under anew name =) All the best with Frocktober, you've inspired me to wear dresses instead of jeans on my days off. Once payday rolls around I hope to donate some money to the OCRF.

E. Driscoll said...

Hi! I saw your original post on Frocktober and it inspired me to get involved too! I'm arranging my fundraising through my work, and all the girls are pretty excited. I'm looking forward to seeing all your lovely frocks!

Lady Melbourne said...

Hi, hi, hi!
Jay- thats so cute and I know Mother Melbourne would love something like this...hilarious idea!

Always Chasing- try to get involved any way you can, even if you have a little soiree of your own and get all your girlfriends to make a donation. $2 can go further than you think!

Poppy- thanks!

Sequin- thanks!

Angela- ha ha ha! It's kinda true, someone said to me,'This isn't going to be such a stretch for you is it?!?'

Matilda- Yay, it is such a gorgeous dress, so perfect for Frocktober.

Cotton Socks and Suzanne- thanks :)

RetroJetGirl- I just hopped over to your blog- what a fantastic concept! There is so much allure in the public sphere about hosties, it's nice to see someone giving us un insight!

E.Driscoll- woo hoo! I'm so glad you are getting involved, thats fanastic!

Nicole said...

Beautiful frock LM - if Circa can help with your cause please let me know. Nx

Rosie Unknown said...

Wow, that is so cool!

I love the photo, and it is such a great cause.

impromptu said...

Wow what amazing photos of your frocktober efforts. My home style pics taken by hubby just aren't quite the same

P xx