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Westfield Doncaster Styling Suite at Flemington, Saturday 3 October

Tans from terracotta to tandoori, hemlines from knee to thigh, welcome to Flemington ladies and gentlemen.

Today I was invited to attend the Westfield Doncaster Styling Suite at Flemington for the Melbourne Cup Carnival Preview Day.

The racing season in Melbourne is huge on the sporting and social calendars of anyone who is mildly interested in either.

Mostly it is a great excuse to ogle the footballers, models, wannabes, has-beens and occasional A-Lister that drop by for a bit of frivolity.

I felt a little out of place today given that I missed the spray tan boat that clearly set sail before I knew it was even docked, but as the season is just beginning I have a whole month to work on my tan as one lass told me today. True story.

Behold the magic that is 'The Birdcage'.....

Models representing Westfield Doncaster

Models Kasia Z and Monica Gordon

Me and stylist Connel Chiang

Amy Pollard

Olympic swimmer Michael Klim with wife Lindy

My stunning headpiece is courtesy of Lulki, available in Tilkah stores next week
Doncaster ambassador Mieke Buchan

Christianna Heideman of Damselfly with stylist Connel Chiang

Me in the Lancome Beauty suite
L-R: Ellen Alexander-Brown, Nadia Coppolino, Lauren Poulter, Ellie Pearson

Horses, what horses?



Anonymous said...

Since when was it ever about the horses?

Hahah, you're funny and look gorgeous!

Please Lady M, avoid tanning like the plague; pale is the new tan!

Look like you had a fabulous time.

PS. hope you like the blouse I made (in today's post It reminded me of you :)

Tara said...

Oh please do not fake tan! You are a lovely inspiration for pale-skinned girls like me!
You look gorgeous, and they are some beautiful photos!

RetroJetGirl said...

I agree, no fake tanning for LM!!!

Yourself & Connel are really the only people who look halfway decent. I really hate the parade of half-dressed girls I see at the races every year. it's time to bring back the style!

Althought the second-to-last photo, those girls don't look too bad either.

ryder said...

LOVING this! Such fabulous ladies!!!!!! Such amazing clothes & accessories. Thanks for sharing!

Meagan said...

As a very pale skinned, dark hair and dark eye lady, I be of you not to go down the orange route!

Embrace your paleness!

And be thankful that your dry cleaner wont be spending hours getting orange out of your dresses!

Meagan xx

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous day, you're outfit is beautiful - so chic

peacetoall said...

I love your outfit. I am also rather taken with Lindy Klim's lavender print dress. The fake tan look is not you at all LM- stay as gorgeous as you are!

The Danish Girl said...

Haha, I was going to write that pale is the new black and sooo much better than the orange fake tan, but that's obviously already been taken care of! Great post with great pics, thank you :o)
xx TDG

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think "Gee Grant, wouldn't it be HILARIOUS if you went out and got one of those noxious orange fake tans?"

Then, without a word of a lie, I get an image of you holding a fire hose screaming "What have you done???"

Needless to say, I have never gotten an orange tan, and I actually wish some one would invent a spray-on pale so I could even myself out and finally get rid of my T-shirt tan.

Also, looking forward to more racing stories from you Lady M. I'll be heading to Canberra's races this year, and trying my luck with a male fascinator...


Annie@A View On Design said...

oh Lady Melb, I love your blog, I too am from around Melb!! my blog is about luxury Aus houses, check it out! I'm afraid with 2 bubs under 3 that the races are a long memory for me - and I don't have time to remember either!! haha Love all the dresses tho,not so much the racing - all seems a bit cruel to me!

annoiii said...

That's such a gorgeous headpiece!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Looking sharp, LM! x

Anitra said...

You looked v. pretty! Nice fascinator Lulki x Im also in love with the dress Ellie Pearson is wearing, the lace one. I dont suppose you happened to know where she got it do you? x

Fiona said...

Everyone in the pictures looked amazing. I have never been to the races before but I love looking at the events on TV and in the magazines always such glamore. Stunning!