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The Cullen: Lady Melbourne's latest staycation

This weekend, I was a guest of The Cullen in Prahran for the weekend to celebrate the opening of their newest hotel in The Art Series Hotel Group and I have never stayed in a hotel quite like it- I felt like I was staying at the home of a very stylish friend!

The basic premise is that each hotel is based uniquely on the work of an established Australian artist.

There is The Blackman, The Olsen which are yet to open, and The Cullen. Each room is individual, and there is artwork by the artist(in this case Adam Cullen) on virtually every surface, of every room.

Anyhow, I decided to try and pack everything I needed into my Oroton bag above because it is technically a 'weekender' but it proved a little more difficult than I thought because I stupidly didn't factor in all the shopping I would do!
I managed it by taking things that would mix and match easily and can you believe it- I only took two pairs of shoes with me. It's true.

I managed to fit all my cosmetics in my brand new Borne Naked pouch which is now coming everywhere with me. I've emptied it of my makeup but replaced the contents of my bag so when I am rumaging through I no longer have to wonder why I fish out the TV remote or a tube of toothpaste as I did last week. VERY EMBARRASSING. My coffee date who is no doubt reading this will be laughing their pants off, I looked quite mad.

There was a lot of 'OH MY GOD!!!' when I walked into the room.

They give you a little art kit when you check in. Divine!

Blogging, blogging and more blogging....

If you come to Melbourne and want to have a unique dining experience, you have to go to Borsch Vodka and Tears on Chapel St. I implore you, it is one of my favourite restaurants. If I could somehow reach through the computer and feed you the chevapcici or potato blintz I swear you would be booking your flight quicker than you can say 'pass the sour cream.'

That's sour cherry vodka and a local Rose to wash it down with, yum!

There are piles of books in the rooms on fashion, art and typography and if you like you can buy them and take home with you. I've never seen that in a hotel before!
Like I said, there is art work on pretty much every wall and surface in the hotel, I'm in the foyer.

Yep, just hanging out with a mosaic cow, you know how it is....

I had the most wonderful weekend and I'm really pleased to show you a piece of Melbourne that you might not otherwise find if you are travelling to this great city of ours. I'm often asked by people coming to Melbourne where the best places are to shop and stay, and The Cullen gets a big thumbs up from me.



Spoonful of Stilettos said...
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Spoonful of Stilettos said...

LM, Please share where your black jumpsuit is from? I can't find one I like anywhere as much as yours.

Uinisan said...

Totally loving the concept of the hotel looks real interesting and very modern indeed... Wouldn't know why I would go and book myself there when I already live in Melbourne but I'd recommend it to others coming over for sure :) But I'll definitely check out that restaurant on Chapel st sounds real nice...Mmmmm~~~~~

Amelia said...

I've got one of those Borne Naked pouches too, I find it so useful! That hotel looks like a dream, the sort of place you wouldn't want to leave!

Lost in Laneways said...

This place does really sound amazing. And I love Borshe Vodka and Tears, definitely worth the trip !

Lost in Laneways (Ex Vendredi13)

RetroJetGirl said...

Oh wow how fun! Certainly an interesting place :)

I'd love to stay as a guest of a hotel & write about the experience, how lucky!!!

selena said...

oh it's so nice to see that there are people doing cool things like this in melbourne. if only something like this was brought to adelaide. will keep it in mind next time i'm in melbourne for sure!

your outfits are divine and your blog is really inspiring.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing looking Hotel - and how adoreable that they give you that little canvas set when you check in? Did you or Lord Melbourne feel inspired to paint while you were there?

I still have an email saved somewhere with your advice on packing a capsule wardrobe. I try to follow it whenever I'm going somewhere.


Danny Widdicombe said...

I love Charles Blackman so that would be my room. What an amazing hotel - also love your Oroton bag.

fireheart said...

Wow, very innovative concept! Especially liked the mosaic cow. Ohh and your white jacket!

MannequinMe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MannequinMe said...

Adam Cullen. Genius idea! I love your jumpsuit and the spiky cuffs! You look so at home ;)

O how I still love those Philippe Starck chairs (and his watches!) after all these years. I would love to have a set of 8 in clear to go with a lovely antique mahogany table... a girl can keep dreamin'.

FairyFiligree said...

How very interesting. I've never been to Australia but heard lots about it. This hotel really is specail & I know I would love to visit it because I'm so into art myself. That idea about the art kit & the art books & the permanent art exhibition - really good factors for somebody who adores visual beauty. Thanks for the lovely post:)

mom & son said...

great post!
you look so classy all the time!



hi,i'm first time visiting here. nice blog & so difference. ur works beautiful. i'm fr malaysia, comic-triton.

Pinecone Camp said...

Hello from Vancouver.
We were in Melbourne, a couple of weekends ago, and stayed at the Cullen. So fantastic! We were the first ones to stay in our particular suite, and they hadn't put a mirror in the bathroom yet. No problem as there are mirrors all over the room. Lots of "oh my god" when we walked into the suite as well. can't wait to stay there again next year!

Friend in Fashion said...

Looks like a fabulous hotel - can't wait to check it out! :)

Anonymous said...

I freaked when I saw 'the cullen' I thought it was a reference to the vampire kind(not a twilight fan). And then I calmed down when I saw it was related to 'the blackman' and 'the olsen'. My school is right across the road from the blackman and I can't wait until it opens.

You look fantastic in the jumpsuit.


WendyB said...

Looks great. I like your cow friend.

Lady Melbourne said...

Spoonful of Stilettos- I found this one at the Dotti outlet at DFO for $20. It was reduced from $120. They had heaps of them, I bought it before I went to Singapore so fairly recently.

Uinisan- you should definitely check out the restaurant, it's AMAZING!!

Amelia- believe me I had to be dragged out of bed!!

Lost in Laneways- it is isn't it?!

RetroJetGirl- I imagine you would see plenty of hotels jetting around the world!

selena- thank you so much Selena!

Grant- we didn't paint all weekend, too busy drowning down the sour cherry vodka's ;) But I'm onto it this week. I remember that I sent you that email!

Danny Widdicombe- thanks man, I'd love to check out the Blackman as well.

fireheart- you know I almost sold my white jacket and then pinched it back off the rack at the vintage market I was at....glad I did too!

MannequinMe- oh believe me, the whole weekend I wouldn't shut up about the chairs. I was trying to think about getting them home with me surreptitiously but I came up with nothin. Oh well, I'll keep dreaming too!

FairyFiligree- I hope you make it out here one day.

mom & son- cheers!


Pinecone Camp- Hello Vancouver! You must have been here recently then, I hope you loved Melbourne.

Friend in Fashion- you'll have a great time.

angelaseeangelablog- Thank you darling, did you get my email? I don't know what the 'cullen' is in reference to vampires(have not read or seen Twilight)but I don't think it has anything to do with art!

WendyB- I do too ;)