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Melbourne’s Most Affordable Shopping, Lady Melbourne style

I get asked on a regular basis from overseas visitors where are the best and most affordable places in Melbourne to shop as a tourist.

Here is something that dropped in my inbox yesterday:

Hi, Lady Melbourne,
I'm from Malaysia, I'm going to Australia next week and I'll be in Melbourne for two weeks. I would like to know where are good places to shop. Could you help? I would like to know some places with clothes, shoes, bags, accessories (basically everything!) that are, well, relatively cheap because I'm on a budget. It would be great if you could help out!

I’ve put together 5 places I think you could shop and get some great pieces that are really affordable, but as usual I’ll put a call out to my readers that if you have anything to contribute please feel free to leave a comment!

Happy shopping!

1. Mouche 259 Lt Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000 T +61 3 9654 7670

Amazing and cheap accessories from jewellery to handbags. I pretty much never leave this shop empty handed!

2. Camberwell Market

It's on from about 6am until 1pm sharp and you will find plenty of affordable vintage treasures, plus great hot dogs and doughnuts!

3. MYL Designer Clearance The Walk Arcade, 309-325 Bourke St Mall Melbourne 3000

Amazing designer clothing, silk dresses, great belts and jewellery, tops, jackets at heavily reduced prices. Normally most things start at around $50.
Think of it like a second hand department store. I would say that Brunswick and Footscray are the closest to the city, you can easily get a cab or a tram to either.

5. Clara Fox- 479 Brunswick St Fitzroy North VIC 3068 T +61 3 9481 1990

This shop has the most amazing vintage clothes at affordable prices. You will find true vintage at this shop, not just second hand clothes. Plus it's at the beginning of Brunswick St, which is really cool as well for bars, restaurants, cafes and shops.



heartofpearl ♡ said...

great ideas LM! lv camberwell market best. i just love buying a set of gold buttons for $1 each time i go hehe!

hm let me think of something.. also check out suburbs like balaclava, and around camberwell area.. even ivanhoe. all very close walking distance from train stops they have very unique shops but im sorry i dont recall any names but walk around and you will find something im sure~! x

Anonymous said...

Ah Melbournian shopping! Thanks LM they look awesome

Style Seduction said...

What a great compliation of stores, I might have to check out some of these myself!

Cotton Socks said...

ive always wanted to go to savers but never got around to it.
i wish camberwell market did a night version for us lazy folk!! haha

LM, do you know of any designer vintage stores in melbourne?
i'd imagine there wouldn't be much designer vintage in australia...

Jess said...

Lady M you are amazing - I've been to Melbourne 5 times and have never been to any of these places! Just goes to show that it takes a lot to know the secrets of a city! :)

piglet said...

Oh I used to live in Camberwell and love love LOVED the Camberwell Market! It's where I bought my first vintage dress. Sigh, I miss it so much now I'm back in New Zealand.

Lisalicious said...

hey, I am new in Melbourne, and really appreciate the way you blog about things or places to check out.

hope you will continue doing so , so that I will know where to check for stuff in future :D

Hey since u hv a blog. Hehe. U might wanna check It's new & expanding :) connects via Twitter

Anitra said...

love this post LM, always like seeing where other shop.. nice of you to share! a belated congratulations also for your success in singapore! xx

ally24 said...

Hi LM,

I'm from Sydney and love your blog.

Are there any Sydney-centric blogs that you recommended checking out?

Anonymous said...

RICH: 375 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne

They have men's and women's stuff that is generally pretty cool, and a lot of other Australian designers at great prices. sort of in the middle of no where - I found it by getting completely lost, and walking down a creepy looking ally.


Lady Melbourne said...

Hey guys!
Heart- thanks so much for those tips, I don't know that area as well as others so it's great to have your opinion.

Mayasalazar- thank you! I love shopping in Melbs!

Style seduction- happy shopping :)

Cotton Socks- go to Savers, you will love it! I know of some designer outlet stores in Toorak Rd, check out Mio Tesoro-

Jess- now you know where to look doll!

Piglet- don't they have anything like that in NZ? Oh the horror!

Lisalicious- Welcome to Melbourne! I'll check out the site.

Anitra- I'd love to know where your secret shopping haunts for homewares are!

Ally24- I'd check out

Grant- thanks for the tips, I knew there was more out there I hadn't mentioned!


Lyon said...

I read the post hoping there's a good shop for guys in there.. lol shouldn't have expected anything

Some good locations there! Most girls I know would just pointed out the DFO (Spencer St) or the Bridge Road shops :)

Michael Aulia

Poppy Gets a Life said...

I also love Claude d'Alban, which is in two locations in Melbourne:

Shop 25 Royal Arcade, and also down near the Coles on Chapel St in Prahran.

It stocks disposable fashion in the form of cheap bags and clothes manufactured in Asia, but I always find some great dresses that no-one else will ever have. I wear them to death and then they eventually fall apart! Some cute designs though - someone once asked me if one dress was from Scanlan and Theodore.

Poppy xox
Poppy Gets a Life

Meldee said...

Ooh, thanks Lady M! I'll be on my third visit to Melbourne in four months, and I will do my darndest to hit up those spots--so far I've only done Mouche!