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A very fashionable weekend....

I've just got back from a wonderful weekend stay-cation and have a bumper post about it coming up, but here is one of the outfits I wore over the weekend.

Blouse: A little vintage number
Jeans: Faberge
Heels: Urban Original (US)
Beads: All vintage treasures



mom & son said...

i love this classy outfit of you!
i always like your style!

Corinna said...

i love the detailing on the blouse :)

stilettostetico said...

Wooow this stylish mix ideally illustrates "casual exquisiteness" (so seductive ) idea !!! AND I Frankly think that the 2nd picture's kind of posture will never cease to sound as a such a dazzling "Fetish Vertigo", a fortiori when varnish meets snake skin texture like that . . .
ps: Woooop just in case I naturally exercised by "cyber citizen" 's duty while voting for the Uber-understated "Lady Melbourne" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Silverbeige said...

The last photo is fantastic!

Friend in Fashion said...

Love the blouse!

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Indigo said...

I love the blouse with the jeans, gorgeous! The necklaces add a nice touch without ading another colour

Rosie Unknown said...

Wow, I adore this outfit!

Style Seduction said...

Love the shoes i think I have these!

Lady Melbourne said...

mom &amp- thanks doll and thanks for reading!

Corinna- mmmm I know, thats what caught my eye when I saw it.

stilettostetico- glad you like the shoes!

Silverbeige- chairs!

Friend in Fashion- I do too. I tried to enter the other day but found it a bit difficult, I'll try again.

Indigo- ooo I'm glad you noticed that, I did want to add something 'else' but not a colour that would take away from the embroidery. Well spotted :)

Rosie Unknown- thank you!

Style Seduction- then you you would how hard they are to walk in!


georgina said...

love the high waisted skinny jeans, they look awesome on you! and i love the detail on the blouse, beautiful and intricate

Lady Melbourne said...

Georgina- I love high wasited skinny jeans too!