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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas: Day 2

Above are some darling pastilles that I bought from a shop in Carlton, if you look closely the address is on the bag. They were about $7.95 from memory and are so perfect as a stocking filler, Kris Kringle, or 'just because.'

I thought I'd just show you some of my thrifty gift ideas for Christmas as I'm on a campaign to make as much as possible this year.

I think if you put a lot of love and care into making simple gifts that look great most people love them.

So this is quite possibly the easiest and prettiest gift you can do yourself.
Buy soaps from where ever you like really and wrap them in Japanese rice paper, or old heavy duty wrapping paper. I like the 'old' effect that it gives the little packages.

Soap: $1.00
Paper: $2.95
TOTAL: $3.95

While searching for interesting paper I came across this sheet for $1.00 at a news agency. I love the blue bird and isolated I thought it would work well in a frame.

As with the soap, you can buy frames from pretty much anywhere. Even vintage frames can look great if you paint them up.

Rice paper or interesting wrapping paper can look superb framed up as a house decoration. If the person doesn't like your taste in paper, they can simply change it.

Paper: $1.00
Frame: $11
TOTAL: $12

And of course, when all else fails, you can always bake. I make Lebkuchen herzen every year at Christmas to give away. I have not seen a disappointed face yet!



Anonymous said...

Ohh thoe little soaps look so adorable! I love beautifully wrapped gifts!

You find great wrapping paper at the most unlikely places sometimes. I found a beautiful old fashioned, brown paper with wreaths printed on it for $4 for 10meters!


omchelsea said...

There's nothing better than a roll of white paper in the cupboard + calligraphy brush = instant wrapping paper for every occasion! (Have been known to turn the printed stuff over and use the blank side :S)

Soleane said...

Hey Laday Melbourne,
Do you know if I can find these soaps in Brisbane? This is such a great idea for xmas presents and I would love to copy you (if you let me so).

Mabel said...
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Mabel said...

Hi there,

Just started reading your blog and I must say I really look forward to your new entries everyday when I come in to work :)

Wish I had known you while I was living in Melbourne .

Kudos & looking forward to all your future entries!

Ellie said...

The cuckoo clock!

RetroJetGirl said...

Soleane, lots of health food stores or chemists have those soaps, also markets or small boutiques.

Lady M I love the wrapping paper, it remind me of how the Japanese really take gift-wrapping seriously. They even use scarves or handkerchieves known as furoshiki so the recipient not only gets a gift but something they can re-use too!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

Love the frame - where is it from?! x

MannequinMe said...


What a great idea- an old photograph centred against modern paper in a modern frame.

Friend in Fashion said...

Lovely ideas! My favourite has to be the framed print - very sweet!

Kate Gene said...

I'm drooling over the cute heart-shaped cookies you have posted. Yum!


Kate Gene

Kate Gene said...

P. S. Your frame idea is awesome! This is a great post!

Honeystar said...

ooh, i love these pastilles too! It´s hard to get them in Germany but here they only cost about 2 Euros.
The perfect little gift, and they are also very stylish ;-)
I always carry them in my handbag.

Honeystar said...
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♥jas said...

oooh! those sweets! I got them from paris and they are really nice! love the boxes too! ;D