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I went with outfit 4

I don't even know how to explain what/why I am doing this, lets just say it was in a promotion tent.Me and my pal Shiori, ain't she gorgeous?!

Woah guys- I can't believe all your fabulous suggestions for what to wear to the tennis!
Thank goodness I have such fab, creative readers :)
I took all of your masterful suggestions and rolled them into this outfit for the tennis today. It seemed that pants or shorts were a key outfit staple- god forbid you flash the person sitting in front of you! That hadn't even entered my consciousness but as I sat there today lets just say I felt very comfortable that I'd gone for the pants option.
It wasn't as hot as I thought it might be(24 with a cool breeze) so that's why the jumpsuit seemed perfect- and it was!
My hat topped off the whole thing and kept me cool and out of the sun which was super important.
Overall I had a great day, I'm not that into sports but much like the races at Flemington they cater the grounds so you could be at a random festival and not see a sporting event in person all day if you wished.
Rest assured despite the fact I had no idea what was going on, I watched plenty of tennis!



Anonymous said...

hahaha! looking great!


mistyna said...

you look gorgeous! ^_^

michou said...

Hmm, honestly? No, this is not your best look. The Black, the ruffles, the bare shoulders, the belt, the wide, wide pants - it is not flattering. I don't mean to offend you, I just prefer other styles on you :-)

WendyB said...'re a good sport to take the crazy promotion tent photo.

Anonymous said...

I love that jumsuit and I adore the bangles!! Were did you get them???? xoxo

Anthea said...

Love how you rolled up the legs. So cute!

Yve said...

I've wanted a jumpsuit like this for ages, where is it from? Looks great!

Lady Melbourne said...

thanks doll!

mistyna- thanks, it was really comfy!

michou- ha! Not offended at all, I always welcome my readers opinions. Thanks!

WendyB- I got ropped into it but it was fun.

Michaela- The bangles I made, left over from the days when I had my own label. The jumpsuit is from the Dotti factory outlet at DFO.

Anthea- My attemp to get some sun. Didn't work!!

Yve- I got it in October last year at the Dotti outlet at DFO. I have seen them about though if they don't have them.

Mia Rivel said...

You are gorgeous but the black boob tube jump suit look needs to be thrown out. It does nothing for your figure =)

f1ab said...

great choice! you look beaut!

Milla Fox: full-time mum, part-time stylette with a passion for fashion who loves to shop! said...

What is it about the black jumpsuit!! I'm tempted by two at the mo...harem pant with skinny straps from ($99) and ruffles with widelegs from ($49). If you have time LM, take a quick peek at my blog and help!!!

heartofpearl ♡ said...

you look great! comfy and chic! i did like ur secound outfit in the other post too! x