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Boho Day 3

Day three and so far so good. Research has told me that I can't do boho without a fur vest(faux or otherwise) and that it's all about earthy, neutral tones. I am struggling a little bit in that in three days I think I've worn all the brown I own(which isn't much!).
Your suggestions have kept me going though so I'm determined to get two more days of authentic boho 'looks' in before I return to 1984 and my shoulder pads.
Vest: Savers
Shirt: Susan
Scarf: H&M in Prague
Jeans: Agent Ninety Nine
Boots: Salvos
Earrings: Diva, I think!
Glasses: Vintage



Sleekit said...

Who would have thought it, Lady Boho, taking this challenge on the chin, kudos to you

Sleekit x

marloperry said...

oohh, I like! Very Rachel Zoe!

She Wore It Well said...

You're doing well LM!

I on the other hand have begun to panic about my LMFF outfits.. I've been invited to blog and twitter from a few shows.. and to make it worse this weather has made me sick so I have no energy to focus :(

inapeartree said...

I love the fur vest - I wouldn't have the balls to wear it, personally - but it looks great!

Sol said...

This look is my favorite so far! You rock Lady Melbourne!!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

gosh you're doing such a good job with the whole boho thing!!!

B. said...

You make a great boho!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Looks pretty much identical to one of my own favourite outfits!

The Style Hive said...

You're amazing!

Lady Melbourne said...

Sleekit- ha ha, it's kinda killing me though, I'm running out of things to wear so the next two days are going to be extremely creative, or extremely tragic.

marloperry- bingo! Thats what I was going for :)

She Wore It Well- I feel your pain my love!! I'm freaking out as well, wondering why I wore a week of boho before fashion week and DIDN'T practice my outfits. Geez!

inapeartree- plenty of faux around!

Sol- hey Sol, thanks!

Fashion Tidbits- thank you, its harder than I thought but kinda enjoyable. Like dress ups every day.

B.- ta!

Ms Lauren- Aw, how cool!

Apple Daisy Girl said...

i love this outfit and i think your doing a great job with the whole boho thing :P

fireheart said...

Nice outfit!! Like the way you did your hair.

Stephanie said...

I love this look! It's definitely my favourite so far. You've certainly proved your repertoire is quite diverse. An inspiration for those of us who sometimes find themselves stuck on sartorial "replay".. thank you!

miss_aimes said...

I think this one is my fave look. You might not feel it does - but Boho really suits you!

Emilys Vs The World said...

Wow this is SO boho! I love it! I'm sure you will come up with some fantastic creations for your last two days. Good luck! xoxo em

Meldee said...

Love this look on you--it's so different from your usual!

Misha said...

Lady Melbourne as Lady Boho. I love it, Such a fantastic way to brighten up a week!