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Heading Out

This dress seems to inspire desire and dislike equally when I wear it. I personally love it, but some of my friends: not so plussed.

On another note, I am moving my blog shortly to bigger and better pastures so that I can bring you the best possible content I can create on a daily basis.

As I consider Lady Melbourne a family of sorts, it wouldn't be without your input that I make this move.
So, what would you like to see? More of something? Less of something? The new format is about 3 weeks away so before I lock down the new layout I'm turning it over to you guys.

Much love,



Miri said...

I quite like what you have going on now. Its nice and simple and everything is spread out and easy to read. xx

Dela Rome said...

o0o cant wait for your new site.
I'd love to see your wardrobe!!
and 'outfit of the day' posts.
I live in Melbourne also so it would be interesting to hear where you buy your items and reviews on the best shops to find things.

sarah cake said...

more video blogs! you're so gorgeous and animated! xx

Princess of many sorts said...

Are you going to stay on blogspot?
I quite like it the way it is...but if i were to say would be more info on Melbourne:)

Whatever happens i will read -Love the Friday chats by the keep up the good work:)

SP - Norway

darlingdee said...

I adore this dress. It's quite divine.

I am excited about you expanding your blog. I adore what you are currently doing. Fabulous fabulous blog.


rubyslippers_86 said...

I love the dress too!! I have really been enjoying the video blog every week and as a melbournite i always love to hear about hidden gems here!
Cant wait to see what you come up with!
:-)Ruby Slippers Vintage

fireheart said...

I love your blog. For the new layout, I think it'll be great to feature more things? I love your outfit of the day posts and also love friday videos. What about shops/fashion bloggers?

Have a great weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I love your format now, but I'd be interested to see maybe a weekly update of what other blogs you read? Recent posts from fashion bloggers you'd recommend?

Miss Bias said...

I'm excited to see your new blog layout. I'd like to see more about fashion accessories, both DIY and great boutique finds in Melbourne.

Miss Bias : )

MarchMusings said...

I've only recently found your blog and like what I see. But it will be nice to see the new layout

Miss M said...

Since I am a new comer to your blog I don't want it to change at all... but i am sure it will be even more inspirational and delicious. I just adore seeing your outfits, and it inspires me to play with outfits- pull out my stash of vintage pieces and be more adventurous.