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Happy Friday video blog....a little late

Lady Melbourne TV: Happy Friday chat about travel from Lady Melbourne on Vimeo.

So I'm moving over to Vimeo and it look a lot longer than than I thought to get there. I'm happy at new video home, but I now know that it might take me a little longer to upload each week.




Ms. Chyme said...

Happy Friday!

MannequinMe said...

LM you've summed it all up so well!! Thanks LM!
Additional tips:
- Drink lots of water, avoid alcohol while flying.. and if you want to splash out, go for a hydrating facial before jetsetting! It will be calming too, a great start to a holiday or work trip.
- Keep toiletries to a minimum bc it can get very heavy! Use the hotel's miniature shower gels/shampoo... if not to shower then keep it to use as hand soap wherever you are.
- If you're travelling to places where petty crimes like pick-pocketing or handbag-snatching is common, keep your money and travel documents in a thin zip-up pouch that you can clip around your waist under your clothes!
- the facial exfoliator LM mentioned... FANTASTIC when lips are in dire need of a polish. Restores colour and smoothes them so well!
- it can get very cold on planes, bring a pair of socks too!
- Try and walk up and down the plane every hour or so to maintain good blood circulation and to stretch out muscles.

The Frockette said...

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Amy Alexandra said...

Once settled on the plane, I'll cleanse my face thoroughly (most usually with baby wipes) and apply a generous amount of a night cream or similar strength of moisturiser. I'll repeat this every few hours, it kills a bit of time and it works wonders to combat horrible, dry plane-skin.

Last time I flew overseas I wore a face mask as well. Daggy, I know, but it stopped me from getting sick so definitely work it.

Oh and I'll also gently massage my hands with moisturiser to stop them from drying out and to help with circulation.

You've made me want to go on a holiday!

svenskaussie said...

Great video blog this week LM, fab ideas. I always take single use tubes of extra moisturising eye drops from my optom', they are a life saver for dry eyes on long haul trips.

Girl on Raw said...

Great tips! I travel so much with my job (I am a flight attendant) and I totally agree on the bars and tea. I use Lara Bars (raw and unprocessed) and always have plenty of tea. Next week I am flying (as a passenger) for over 20 hours, and will be posting a video on what I pack too. Mine is more food focused though as I have unusual eating habits!

As per usual, nice video LM :)

Katie said...

you've given some great tips. i'm traveling at the moment (&stranded in paris because of the volcano - it's a hard life, i know) &have found that mini/travel size beauty things are lifesavers. at big w they have a travel size beauty section with vaseline, palmers products, tresemme, swisspers ... everything &these have kept me going for over three weeks, as well as putting my own products into little tubs like you've shown. i also found a great nivea travel pack at superdrug in london ( which has been fantastic.

my travel tips are more to do with packing, such as organising your underwear, hosiery, phone/computer chargers &accessories into large glad zip lock bags to keep them separate to clothes &keep things organised in your suitcase. also if you've bought too much on your travels, try &pack a few days before departure so your suitcase's contents have time to sit &'deflate' a bit so you can fit more in towards the end. also try &take anything fragile on board with you as part of your check in luggage (eg: i have a turkish tea set &bowls in mine, padded with clothes around them). i would also recommend mini travel locks so your bags aren't opened by others (this can happen by airport staff who open your luggage &go through it 'for fun' &also can help calm you a little if your luggage is lost or stolen).

again, a great post. i love the happy friday videos, you are so natural in front of the camera &full of great advice. have fun in singapore &holy crap sorry for the novel of a comment!

georgina said...

veeeeery useful, thanks so much!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

great tips Lady M!!!! Dettol around the nose, definitely will be trying that next time i travel!!!

FairyFiligree said...

Very interesting video & lots of sound advice.
One question to you and other bloggers who visit you - does anybody have any valuable natural tips to avoid seasickness when travelling on boats? Have a lovely weekend & a safe trip.

vv said...

love ur blog

Traytable said...

Can I add, if you don't have nail polish, hairspray works on stockings in a pinch. Saved my life on more than one occasion!

Just a note- using nail polish (or more importantly, polish remover of any type) on the plane itself is not allowed, so please no in-flight manicures, ladies!! :P

Traytable said...

Hahaha, I just saw the part about the honey- we used to do the sugar scrub using the left-over champagne from first class as we had to throw it out anyway, it makes a great hand scrub!! How extravagant :)

Traytable said...

Oh and just to be a pain, one more thing (this is my inner FA speaking)

Be careful using hairspray in the toilets on the plane as it can set off the smoke detectors, if you do use it go quick short bursts and wait a few seconds between them or try to have the door slightly open, or you might get a crew member flinging open the door on you to see where the 'fire' is!!

Girl on Raw said...

I was thinking the exact same things Tray, re nail polish (please don't use it in the cabin!) and the hairspray setting off the smoke alarms tee hee. Oh and yes we used to always wash our hands with Moet and sugar in First Class cabin at the end of the flight haha!

❤Cate❤ said...

This might not be relevant but everyone needs to get some travel vaccum bags for their suitcase not only do you get a lot more room in there but they protect your clothes to. Last year my suitcase came back soaking but thankfully my clothes were safe as they were all in bags!

I always pack a spare outfit in my hand luggage (a simple dress & cardigan nothing too heavy) just incase my bag gets delayed when I arrive and I want to change or I'm stuck somewhere or spill something on myself.


Oh good god!
I always have the mini toothbrush with me!
Nothing worse than being stuck in Sydney international all day with horrid teeth!!!


Bepanthan cream pretty much saves my life!
I know what your thinking, don't women put that on their nipples???

Well yes they do, however,

It is a wonderful lip balm!

If you have a sniffley nose, dab it under your nostrils to sooth any redness.

It is one seriously intense eye gel for overnight flights.

and an antiseptic, pretty much the best 'all in one' know to man kind!

Also, a good pair of woollen explorer socks always works well as comfy ugg boots that can slip in your hand luggage.

Happy traveling! x

politics.tom said...

I demand to be invited to an event like this when I return Lady Melbourne.

The Diva's Polish said...

Great tips and another excellent video. I have managed to buy rosewater inexpensively from the local Asian supermarket. At $2.10 a pop, I no longer need to buy the expensive brands as it does the same thing. Also Lucas' Paw Paw ointment is a must for me :)

ChaCha said...

LM thank you so much for the handy tips! =) very helpful !! ^_^ the dettol one is wonderful ! nothing worse than getting sick while flying :S

The Cupcake Stand said...

this was my fave video so far! love the travel tips! especially the suggestion for the passport holder.