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My hair: One year ago

I was just reading on Twitter @goaskalica tweet about how with personal style blogging there is always a record of what you wore exactly a year ago.

So I thought I'd step back in time which I rarely do and found this picture taken at the end of March last year. I can't believe how much my hair has grown in a year!

It's a strange phenomenon having your daily life online and being able to look back at what you were doing on a certain day. I'm not sure I like the idea actually- all those bad hair days, wrong shoes, O.T.T accessories are there for the world to see.

Would you like a record of your daily outfits so you could step back and reference, or is what you wore a year ago best left forgotten?!



Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts said...

It's one of the reasons I began blogging in the first place! I wanted to be able to go back and say "that outfit worked, it was comfortable and I felt great, will wear it again." Or conversely say "no, don't go there it just didn't work". xo

Princess of many sorts said...

The good thing about a that you always know ...what to NEVER do again:)

I think you look smashing LM:)
Have a good day - SP

Lady Smaggle said...

Me too! I think it's really interesting to see that I'm still wearing the same stuff but styling it differently.

I also can't help but notice weight fluctuations... no one else would notice but I'm all 'Oh I was working out five times a week when that photo was taken!' or 'Ew... that was right after Christmas and I obviously had a little too much pudding!'.

It's also interesting to see how as your life changes your style does to. Even something as simple as changing jobs might mean you have to walk more to get to work and you might wear flats more...

There's a blog... I can't remember whose... but the girl does This Time Last Year posts... so interesting!

jess said...

I think some items in my wardrobe are a reminder of bad fashion choices...that's what charity bins are for!

I just watched your ACA video because it popped up on ninemsn! I loved those boots that were found! What a treasure!

Sleekit said...

I like the idea of 'This time last year posts', looks change, people change but like an old photo is good to reflect.

Ps You don't have bad hair days lady!

Sleekit x

Fourth Daughter said...

I'm still wearing stuff from over 10 years ago, although admittedly perhaps in different ways from back when I first got it. But I think as you get older your style asserts itself more and is less prone to sabotage from ridiculous catwalk trends. I can look at a photo of myself 5 years ago and the outfit I'm wearing is one I would still wear today.