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New books, boxes and heels

On twitter yesterday I posted a picture of me toppling off these rather vertigeous heels while shooting these photos. It was quite funny until I wondered if I was going to cause myself a serious accident because of my heels.
I have some new books to get through, I've just finished Sonya Hartnett's 'Butterfly' and just loved it. I think I may have asked a while ago if you had any recommendations for new books to read and that was one of them.
If you like Sonya's writing then I would definitely recommend the book, it was beautifully descriptive and enthralling.
I picked up this Cuban Habanos cigar box at an op-shop, and not that I want to promote smoking here but I fell in love with the imagery on the box. On the outside and inside cover there is this divine colour illustration of Romeo and Juliet with scenes played out in little illustrations around the sides of the box.
I'm going to re-appropriate it and turn it into a jewellery box to sit on my desk. I'm forever taking off my earrings and leaving them sitting on my desk so I figured they could hang with Romeo and Juliet.

Heels: Siren
Jacket: Sirrico
Jeans: Agent 99 from General Pants
T-shirt: Barkins
All jewellery: Ritual



WayneandFarrah said...

Love your shoes and jacket!

Just saw your tweet pic toppling off your heels, sorry I have to admit it was pretty funny but glad you didn't cause any injuries to yourself.


the fashionate traveller said...

I really like the wedges..if the front platform was a bit higher they'd be easier to wear - but they look good :)

I tried to find your fab spiky studded cuff when I was in Singapore at the Bugis markets the other week..and failed!

Sarah Kate said...

Oh I know what you mean about the shoes, well sorta, I purchased the topshop suede chiffon tie wedges on ebay and they take a little practise to walk in and I can see myself having an accident for sure!

Anyway awesome photos :)

Sarah Kate said...

p.s. I was watching your youtube videos and I saw that you like art/fine art so maybe you might be interested in my blog :)

Louisa said...

Hi Lady M, love the shoes so much, what's a stumble in the name of fashion (hope you are ok though!) sorry have to ask is the Sirrico jacket the washed shrunken one or the normal biker? ps you look great and again I LOVE the shoes - sigh wish they had more - none in smaller sizes?

FairyFiligree said...

I love old boxes. I have an old wooden cigar box on my desk too and I also do not smoke - and do not want to encourage it. But the box is small, wooden, with a sliding lid & perfect to store all those business cards people keep giving me.....
But your box is much much lovlier - it's the kind of thing I would pick up too for my own handsome collection of boxes.

pixelhazard said...

the cigar box is lovely, as are those shoes. I'm reading les miserables right now...oh how i love books

medine amory. said...

Beautiful pictures.

And thank you for the book rec. I am going to add it to my list.

M said...

What a wonderful post! Those Ritual bracelets are to die for! I've always found Siren shoes veering towards the slightly uncomfortable, but that could just be because they were my first high heels... But those are some incredibly spiffy wedges. They remind me of those beautiful ballerina platform rockers from Vivienne Westwood!

Speaking of wedges, I was wondering if you'd spotted any Acne Atacoma or Jeffrey Campbell-esque wedges available in our chain stores lately? I know they're a few seasons out but I've been dreaming of a pair for autumn... Sportsgirl had a pair of beautiful charcoal-coloured suedes (Shia boots?) but they were sold out when I found out about them. *facepalms*

Anyways, keep up the beautiful work and take a nap in the Eames for me! <3 Have a sweet weekend, Lady Melbourne!

Jenny Peyton said...

A book you MUST read is 'The History Of Love' by Nicole Krauss. AMAZING read.
love the blog and loved the head scarf tips.

Zenasty said...

I have the exact same cuba box. A friend of my mums gave it to me in the late 90s